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Your Home May
Be Worth More Than You Think!

Dear Homeowner:

Today’s real estate market is very different than it was a year ago.
Prices have increased rapidly over the past 6-8 months as part of a steady
recovery we’re seeing take place across the nation in real estate. If you or
someone you know has a home in which they owed more on their mortgage than the
property was worth, that may no longer be the case. Or perhaps you’ve just been
waiting the market out for prices to increase. Well, that time has arrived.

I have a report which explains in detail why prices have gone up and
why your home might be worth more than you think! The report is entitled, “3
Reasons Your Home May Be Worth More Than You Think” and I believe you’ll be
surprised by when you download

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                  For more information, please contact: 

Kimberly Bookert  864-593-7356    Kimberly@kimberlybookert.com

 More distressed homeowners finding relief in Upstate SC

Greer, SC – April 9, 2013 – For homeowners in danger of
losing their home to foreclosure, it is common to feel alone and as though
there is no help. In Greer, homeowners in this situation are finding relief
thanks to a dedicated agent trained specifically to help distressed homeowners.

 “There are more people who find themselves in this situation
than many realize,” says Kimberly Bookert of Delco Realty Group Inc. a CDPE.
“Once they realize they aren’t alone and that there are options, it’s like a
whole new world opens up for them.”


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Foreclosure Seminar April 25th, 2013 at Delco Realty 2507 Wade hampton Blvd. Greenville SC. 

If you or someone you know is facing a financial hardship and not sure what to do, come find out the process for South Carolina.  Foreclosure can be a daunting time and there are options.  This is not the time to stick your head in the sand or hide from it. It will NOT go away, lets take it head on and find a resolution. There are options and many of them. Spread the word to friends and family that you know that needs help, there are plenty of free services and options available and we will discuss them all. The link to register is below and we are looking forward to meeting each of you on April 25th.  If you want to register by phone please call Kimberly

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