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If you are selling your home, you or your agent may decide to do an open house, which is a scheduled showing where anyone can come and see the home. And if you are in the market to buy the home, you may decide to attend an open house. Though open houses are a fairly easy way for people to see a house that's for sale, there are some drawbacks. Here are some of the pros and cons of open houses.


Pro: They Give Your House Exposure

One of the benefits of having an open house it that it can give your house exposure to a wide range of potential buyers, although the effect is less than it used to be now that people can see just about any house they want on the internet. An open house may attract people who are on the fence or who are looking for a home

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Selling a home can be quite the process if you are new or overwhelmed with the new responsibilities you feel that you have. You can even be stressed out about the fact that your home isn’t selling quite as quickly as you thought that it would. If you find yourself in the latter category, here are three very easy budget friendly ideas, fixes, and tips to help you boost the curb appeal of the home you are trying to sell.



Touch Up The Door

The doors in your home may not seem like much to you because you have seen them over and over again every day for however many days you have lived in the home. Potential buyers are seeing everything with fresh eyes for the first time. They will focus on the discoloration at the bottom of your child’s

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Many first-time home flippers believe they can buy houses for pennies on the dollar, add a few light fixtures and some paint, then put the house on the market for top dollar. Unfortunately, flipping any house is not that easy. If it were, everyone would start flipping houses. However, by focusing your attention on four critical factors that make a house a good "flipper," you will be on your way to turning profit on every home you flip.


Do the Math

The financial calculations on a real estate investment never lie. Never underestimate the importance of time, effort and labor when you choose a house to flip. The hefty payday you see just because you bought your house below the seller's ask does not mean bigger pockets for you when it is time to

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When purchasing a big ticket item, such as a house or a car, it is common to seek financing. Applying for a loan enables you to pay for these high-dollar items slowly over time with regular monthly payments, but it is customary and often even required by the lender for you to make a down payment at the time of purchase. If you are preparing to apply for a loan on a house or a car, you may be wondering how much money you need to contribute as a down payment. With a closer review of some common considerations, you can make a more educated decision about your down payment amount.


What the Experts Advise

Your down payment amount will play a direct role in your loan amount and monthly payment. It will also impact your starting equity, and it can

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If you are planning on selling your home, you should know that it is emotionally challenging and can be a time-consuming process. You have to make sure that you are making all the right decisions if you hope to be successful, and it begins with choosing a real estate agent to list your property. Make sure that you find a real estate agent who can effectively promote your home, educate you as a homeowner, and can gain your trust from the start. The real estate agent that you choose will have all the responsibility of selling your home, from engaging with prospective buyers to running open houses.


Before you make the decision to hire an agent, here are the five most important questions that you need to ask to ensure that you have picked the perfect

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When designing a small room, there are several tricks to make it feel larger. Furniture placement and choice, color pallet and lighting can either work for or against your space. Following some simple guidelines will give you a larger feeling and functional room.

Paint Colors

Using lighter paint colors is perhaps the easiest way to make a smaller room feel bigger. Generally, neutral or lighter colors are recommended for smaller rooms. A monochromatic look will help the space feel clean and open. Paint the trim, walls and ceiling complementary shades of the same color. Don't forget to use light colors on the floor too. For a more unusual technique, use a fun, patterned wallpaper or bold paint color on the ceiling. This will draw your eye up and give

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Moving can be one of the most stressful events of life. Packing up the belongings of a home pales in comparison to the memories which must be left behind. Pets, too, suffer their own forms of anxiety during a move. Your animal companion has far less information than you do about what is happening. A dog or cat can even become physically ill during the process of a move.


Thankfully, there are some things you can do to ease the tension your pet may feel. Taking the time to perform a few simple tasks will help your pet make a happy transition to their new living environment.


Board a Pet While Packing and Loading


As you are packing boxes and loading them in a vehicle so they can be moved to your new home, your pet may be at risk. Pets

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When you are ready to sell your first home, it is a new process. If you want to sell a home quickly, then it is important to hire a real estate agent. When you are emotionally invested in a property where you have raised your children or had fun times, it may feel challenging to sell a home. However, if you are transferring for a new job or downsizing to a smaller property, then it is essential to follow a few guidelines.

Tip 1: Hire a Knowledgeable Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home

To sell a home, you must have a qualified real estate agent who understands your geographic region. You can talk to relatives and friends about the real estate agent who they hired, but you should also interview several agents before making a decision. You must hire a

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People often wonder whether they should buy or rent their home. There are many things to take into consideration, not all of them financial. We’ll cover some of the pros and cons of buying vs renting so you can decide which one would be right for you.



You’ve probably heard the saying 'renting is throwing money away'. This is because people equate renting with giving away your hard-earned cash. You’re not building equity when you rent, so when you move out you cannot sell your property or make money from it.


Renters, on the other hand, do not have to pay for upkeep or repairs. They are able to move whenever they wish depending upon the lease and often only have to pay a penalty if they would like to be released early. It may be

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