June 2018

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Tiny Homes - Are They For You?

In 1973, the average size of a home was just over 1,500 square feet. However, more than forty years later that size has grown to almost 2,600 square feet. While people may have much more space for themselves and their stuff, they also have much higher mortgage payments and property taxes to deal with each year. Because of this, there has been a recent trend to substantially downsize into what are known as "tiny homes." These homes, which are defined as those averaging between 100-400 square feet, are currently the hottest trend in today's housing market. However, as with anything that is relatively new, there are various pros and cons associated with these homes. If you're thinking of taking the plunge and going tiny,

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How Much Does it Really Cost to Sell Your House?

Most of the homeowners are just focused on the amount of money that they would get after selling the house. They fail to plan for the costs that will come with selling the house. These fees may take up to 10 percent of the total selling price of the home. The good thing is that many of these costs are negotiable and can fluctuate as per the prevailing property market conditions. Here are some of the costs you may incur when selling your house.


Realtor’s Commission

The realtor’s commission is the highest fee that you will pay. Most realtors charge a commission of 5 to 6 percent of the total cost of sale. The commission is shared between your agent and the buyer’s agent. For example, if your

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Top Home Buying Tips for Millennials

Millennials are quickly coming to dominate the housing market, but many of them are buying homes for the first time. That can make it hard to navigate the buying process, especially when competing with older, more experienced buyers. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make the process much easier.


 Get Financial Guidance

 Finances can be complicated, and not just because homes tend to be expensive. There are a number of programs that exist to support people who are buying their first home, plenty of loan offers to choose from, and it's easy to overlook potential costs. Inexperienced buyers often make expensive mistakes, so it's wise to get help from a financial advisor to prevent them.

 A good

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Top 4 Reasons to Not Buy a "For Sale by Owner"

It can be tempting to navigate toward For Sale By Owner (FSBO) properties when you start shopping for a new home. A FSBO has that neighborhood feel about it without the complication of realtors and big business. The trouble is, dealing directly with a home owner can be far more expensive for both your pocketbook and your schedule. Here are four good reasons to avoid the FSBO and work with a licensed realtor when considering a new property purchase.


1. Undisclosed Problems

 Realtors are required to disclose any problems with the property they are selling. A homeowner who is not a registered realtor is not held to the same standards. While most homeowners are not trying to intentionally cover up

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