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One of the most challenging aspects of selling your home is keeping it clean and pristine for future buyers who seem to stop by with only a moment’s notice. Keeping your home show ready is necessary if you want to sell quickly. This process can be made far less stressful if you incorporate these seven hacks.


1. Simplify your belongings:

Sort and discard unwanted items before you pay a mover to move them. Doing so will not only help you when organizing your new home, it will automatically make your current one look less cluttered. Consider renting a storage unit for belongings you wish to keep that are not used daily. The savings gained from selling your home sooner will outweigh the nominal cost. Many self-storage companies offer very low

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Owning a home is one of the greatest American dreams. You get to decorate it as you like, customize your bedroom, or accessorize with the latest art painting. But did you know that having your own home comes with financial benefits?


Before you got a home, all the money went to the landlord, and nothing came to you as a tax deduction. However, once you buy a home, you’re entitled to some tax breaks. What’s more, these benefits do not only apply to single-family homeowners. Condominiums, apartments, townhouses, and mobile homes are all eligible as long as you are entering into a mortgage contract.


Here are some top tax benefits of owning a home.


Mortgage Interest Deductions

The fact that you can subtract any mortgage interest that

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The expert who inspects your home will walk through every area of the interior and exterior, so you must prepare the property beforehand. Here are some tips for preparing your home for an inspection.


Tip 1: Perform Lawn Care

The inspector needs to reach all of the devices outside your home, including the air conditioner, utility lines and rooftop. Make sure to perform lawn care by trimming shrubs, weeds and trees. In addition, remove debris such as tree branches from your home’s lawns.


Tip 2: Provide Access To Every Building and Space

An inspector must look at every space in your home and its outbuildings. If there is a garden shed or a storage barn, make sure that there are keys available for these buildings. Inside a home, the

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You may have heard the terms buyer’s market and seller’s market, but you may not be certain how these terms relate to you and your real estate goals. These two terms describe the relationship between supply and demand in the real estate industry. When you learn more about them, you may be able to better time your buying and selling activities so that you act in a more strategic time. Remember that markets can change between a buyer’s and seller’s market slowly or rather quickly, depending on the economic circumstances. In some cases, there may even be a relative equilibrium between supply and demand. Analyzing these conditions before you decide to buy or sell is a smart idea.


A Buyer’s Market

When you hear that your local real estate market is

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Check the Location

It just makes good sense that before you hand over a down payment on a property that is going to increase your debt, you want to make sure that property is in a good location. You can use what is often referred to as "fixing and flipping". The investor can build equity by buying what would be considered the most run-down house on a street. By investing the money to put that house in good shape, you make it attractive to a buyer who wants a house in a nice area.


Don’t Buy the First Thing You See- Look Around

The initial appearance of a property may appeal to an investor, but don't give in to the urge to buy quickly. Your personal preferences should not come in to play here. If investing in rental property you may think that

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Photo mistakes that will kill your real estate listing

First impressions are everything and if you are selling your home, often the buyer’s first impression is the photos that they see in an online real estate listing. The goal of photos is to entice the buyer to want to see more and schedule a viewing. A poor-quality photo can be a deal killer within only a few seconds. The following are mistakes are ones that you should avoid to put your best foot forward and present your property in a way that will entice buyers.


#1 Too Dark

The number one rule of real estate photography it is that it is all about lighting. If the room is naturally too dark, or if it is dark due to an error using the camera, it makes your home look gloomy and

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How To Get More When Selling Your Home

If you are trying to sell your home, then you will want to maximize your profits. While you may need to spend some money to make your property more appealing to buyers, some of the home improvement projects only require hard work. Here are some tips for making the most money on your home.


Tip 1: Get Rid of a Home’s Clutter

Potential buyers want to see all of the areas of a home, but when the cupboards and closets are full of junk, they can’t see the spaces. If you are moving, then you don’t want to pack a lot of the things that you have currently, so you can make your life easier by getting rid of clutter far in advance.


Tip 2: Clean Your Home

When a home is dirty, any potential buyers will

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Top mistakes to avoid when making an offer

You have finally found a house that you can call home and cannot wait to buy it and move in. You can already see your new life in the new yard. However, there might be a hurdle on your way to owning the house – the offer. Many people blow their chances of owning their dream home by making mistakes in their offer. In the competitive housing arena, you do not want to make these mistakes listed below.


Maxing out on the pre-approved amount

Given the number of people that may be interested property, you may end up in a bidding war. The best way to win the war is to have a strong financial backing. This starts with getting a pre-approval to show that you are prepared to take the home.

However, when

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Why Investing in Rental Properties is Better Than a 401(k)

It's well known that putting money back for retirement is an essential part of achieving long-term financial success. To most people, this means contributing to a 401(k). Though a 401(k) can be a good way to save money, it is far from the best way to ensure financial security in retirement, since it will not continue to produce more income once it has been drawn out. For those who want to see a steady, reliable income in their retirement years, one of the best options is investing in rental real estate.


What Are the Advantages of Real Estate?

The greatest advantage of investing in real estate is that it can produce a largely passive income in the form of rental payments. According to

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Tiny Homes - Are They For You?

In 1973, the average size of a home was just over 1,500 square feet. However, more than forty years later that size has grown to almost 2,600 square feet. While people may have much more space for themselves and their stuff, they also have much higher mortgage payments and property taxes to deal with each year. Because of this, there has been a recent trend to substantially downsize into what are known as "tiny homes." These homes, which are defined as those averaging between 100-400 square feet, are currently the hottest trend in today's housing market. However, as with anything that is relatively new, there are various pros and cons associated with these homes. If you're thinking of taking the plunge and going tiny,

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