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How Much Do You Think Your Home is Worth?

When I speak to homeowners who consult with me before listing their home for sale, I find the first thing they ask or want to know is, "What Is My Home Worth?"  Well, that is a simple question with a potentially complicated answer.  I will usually turn the question around and ask them, "What do YOU think Your Home is Worth?"  I do this because I want to understand where are they at mentally in the process of selling their home.  At this stage, most homeowners have not emotionally detached themselves from their home to look at it analytically (as a house) and, in many cases, will overvalue their home's worth. 

The most common answers I get back from a seller is:

  • Price based on what the neighbor's house sold
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For the Month of February 2012, home sales in all South Carolina major markets were up.  Greater Greenville and Spartanburg areas were up 7.7% and 10.4% respectively compared to the same period last year (February 2011).  Pending sales are up 16.9% and inventory levels shrank 15.7%.  This trend should favor the seller a bit more as home prices rise (with increased demand) and inventory (supply) shrinks.  This is what we have been talking about in our earlier post on the Delco Realty Group Facebook FAN Page re: the "Days on Market" trending downward. 

February 2012 Home Sales in South Carolina

Market # of Homes Sold % Change from Feb 2011
Charleston Trident 604 +2%
Greater Columbia 448
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Selling Real Estate in ANY Market Requires a Plan

Developing a marketing plan to sell your home requires a unique one-of-a-kind strategy that specifically works for YOUR situation as a seller.  We can incorporate proven marketing techniques for today's challenging environment, however each marketing plan Delco Realty Group develops is very personal.

Avoid "Gimmicks"

Don't be taken by "gimmicky" real estate programs that "promise" to sell your home in a certain period of time - typically offering promises to sell your home in 60 or 90 days.  I've even seen one article entitled, "Sell Your Home in 5 days!"  When you read the fine print or listen to the terms and conditions of these offers, it usually requires you to make upgrades to your home and/or

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Greenville SC MLS Market Statistics  (03/01/2011 - 04/25/2011) 

Current Active Listings: 7,137

 Average List Price: $247,814 Average Days on Market (DOM): 168 
 New Listings for Period:  # Sold in Period: 866  Average List Price Sold: $168,561
     Average Sale Price Sold: $159,555
 Sale Price/List Price Ratio: 94.66%  Average DOM Sold: 124  Average List Price Unsold: $203,070

Narrative of Greenville SC Market Statistics

There are currently 7,137 active single-family residence listings in the Greenville SC MLS for the period listed above.  The average list price for active listings is: $247,814.  Up from an average list price of $236,067 in the previous month.  The average days on market for all actives is 168 days; holding steady

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Greenville South Carolina has Largest Rent Increase in Nation 

Recently, the Wall Street Journal reported that the average apartment vacancy rate was 6.6% nationally.  This is down from 8.0% last year, reflecting that more people are renting this year than there were the year before.

In addition, the number of occupied apartments rose by more during Q4 2010 than during any comparable period of the last 10 years.

What is most interesting is while the national average for rent increase is up just over 2%, Greenville, South Carolina rents have increased over 11% - topping the list for the largest rent increases nationally.

What does this mean?  Well, several things could be contributing to this, most of which is that with rental occupancy around 93.5%,

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