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There are several tax benefits of buying a home.


The first benefit is that all of the interest that you pay on the mortgage will be considered a deductible. This is as long as the mortgage that you have on the home is not over $750,000. The deduction is simple to do no matter if you are doing your taxes yourself or having a professional to do them. Plus, you are going to be able to include the interest that you paid as part of the closing of your home. All of this will be found on the settlement sheet.

Property taxes

The second benefit is some of the money that you have paid on your property taxes are also deductible on your taxes. At one time, you had the ability to deduct all of your taxes but now based on the new tax laws, you will

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Buying a foreclosure can seem like a great way to get a new home without having to pay quite as much as you would for a more traditional property. Before you buy a foreclosure, though, you'll need to learn a bit more about the process. Buying a foreclosure can be a good choice, but only if you understand what doing so entails. 

How to Buy the Home

There are two methods of buying a home that's in foreclosure. The first is buying a house at auction. This is uncommon for those not in the real estate business, as it requires you to be able to buy the house immediately with money that you have on-hand and you get no chance to inspect the property beforehand.

More common is buying a Real Estate Owned property. In this case, you go through much of the

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There is no disputing the fact that drone photography produces remarkable images. As a result, it has revolutionized the real estate market, especially when it comes to producing images that are unique. Let’s take a closer look at how drone photography can make your real estate listings stand out.

Provides Broader Views of the Neighborhood

Location is critical in real estate and it will dictate the price of a property. Many potential home buyers want to know everything that can possibly be learned about a neighborhood before purchasing a property. Drone photography enables you to capture broader views of the area where a property is located. This includes parks, schools and other amenities that are nearby. It’s also an incredibly easy way to

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There are several great reasons why you should downsize your home.

Lots of Work

The first reason is that there is going to be a lot less work to do inside the home. When you have a bigger property, then you are going to have a lot of things that you will need to take care of. Some of these things are going to include your personal items, furniture, household supplies, and kitchen appliances. But a smaller home is going to take a lot less effort and time in order to maintain it. Therefore, you can focus on things that you love.


The second reason is that you are going to be able to save some money. If you are going to be moving to a place where it might be a little more expensive, then it is probably a good idea to downsize. Having a

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When you own a home, you must prepare it for the winter season. It is better to begin these home maintenance chores during the autumn before the weather gets too cold to work on a variety of projects. 

Trimming Trees and Shrubs

On a warm and dry autumn day, you should trim the shrubs and trees around your home. This can keep the branches from dangling on a home’s rooftop or beating against the side of the building during a blizzard. You will need an extension ladder and pruning shears to trim the branches. Make sure to have a friend nearby to help you with this chore, and also, collect the branches for proper disposal. 

Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts

While you have your extension ladder available, you can also clean the debris from your

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Heating a home can get expensive when temperatures drop. It’s helpful to have window treatments that retain heat. If you’re looking for ways to lower your energy bills, consider the window treatments below.

Energy Efficient Blinds

When it comes to energy efficiency, blinds are most known for keeping the heat out. However, there are also blinds that help to keep your home warm in the winter. These are blinds that improve the R-value of your windows, which will dictate whether or not heat is able to escape through the windows. You can actually choose blinds that serve the purpose of both keeping heat out in the summer and keeping it in during the winter. 

Multi-Purpose Shades

There are multi-purpose shades that are effective at keeping the heat

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Maintaining excellent curb appeal year-round can be a difficult task. That's why it's crucial that you learn a few tips you can use to turn dreary landscaping into a masterpiece. Today, we're going to look at seven excellent ideas that you can use to maintain an excellent looking yard throughout the entire year. 

Lay Winter Plants

Throughout the winter months, it can be a struggle to find plants appropriate for the change in weather. However, there are a wide variety of plants that thrive in winter conditions. A few exquisite plants that you may look to consider include:

  • Holly

  • Winterberries

  • Winter Honeysuckle

  • Primrose

  • Blue Spruce

Each of these plants and flowers are excellent options for your

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Whether you are putting your home on the market, or just want to impress your neighbors, adding stylish, exterior lighting will create a dramatic effect and even enhance the overall value of your home. Exterior lighting can make the difference between a top-dollar offer on your real estate and a not so great offer. It can also make your property a less than desirable target for burglars.

If you are considering adding exterior lighting, but not sure whether it’s worth the cost, just consider the following. 

You will enhance your home’s architectural exterior

You can draw attention to your home’s exterior assets by lighting them up. If you have a beautiful walkway and great landscaping, show them off with low landscape lighting on plants and

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If you suffer from the wintertime blues due to the colder temperatures along with the decline in the natural light from the sun, then you will need to create a home that makes you feel less depressed. Seasonal affective disorder begins during the autumn, and it can last until spring, but there are ways to make your home a healthier place during the winter. 

Paint the Walls of Each Room with an Attractive Color

Rather than having dark or gloomy wall colors in your home, use lighter or brighter paint colors that include glossy white, sky blue or sunny yellow. You can also use wallpaper that has a cheery design that alleviates a bad mood. Concentrate on improving the wall color of the rooms that you use the most, including the bedroom, kitchen or

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Home staging has become a major tool for selling a home quickly and for the highest price. Investopedia defines home staging as visual merchandising that utilizes interior design principles to create a flattering impression. 

Pros of Hiring a Stager

Real estate agents often recommend that sellers hire a stager before listing their home for sale. Below are the top reasons cited for professionally staging a home. 

1. Staging makes a home look more spacious.

One of the main purposes of staging is to remove clutter and excess furniture from your home. It should be easy for buyers to walk through any room without bumping into furniture crowded into a room. A home filled with knickknacks and too much furniture feels cluttered and is less

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