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4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like New

Your home likely felt new and fresh during the first few weeks after you bought it. The daily activities in your home can result in stains, scuff marks and a buildup of clutter. Over time, the walls, floors and furniture may start to look dull, worn or dated. When you are ready to make your home look new again, try these four simple tips. Each of these activities is easy to do and is affordable on any budget.


Removing Clutter

After you have lived in your home for a while, items start to accumulate. It might even seem like things are multiplying in the back of your closets. What felt like a lot of space when you moved in might now feel cramped and stuffed. Removing some clutter from your home could help

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spring-home-improvement-projectsSpring is in the air. The weather is nicer, and then comes the realization every home owner dreads: spring home maintenance. Savvy home owners know to address those seasonal fixes sooner, as it improves home values in the long run. Give your home some much needed TLC, and take care of these essential spring home improvement projects.

Allergy-Proof Your Home

Spring can wreak havoc on allergy sufferers, but did you know there are ways to prevent allergens in your home? Change your HVAC filters for more efficient removal of allergens in the air. Use welcome mats both inside and outside your front door to prevent pollen from being tracked into your home. If you have machine washable curtains, run them through a wash cycle.

Love Your Lawn

A little

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We just received the last lawn care treatment of the year from our TruGreen® lawn care specialists this past weekend.  Much of the focus was feeding the lawn (our lawn is Fescue) and preparing it for the upcoming winter months.  In the Upstate area of South Carolina, we are usually fighting warm and cold days through October and in to November.  The hard winter months, tend to dig in from December through February with March becoming a transitional periof from Winter to Spring. 

Winter can be a stressful time for your lawn and landscape.  Low temperatures, ice and snow cover and the incorrect cultural practices can impact their ability to quickly recover when spring arrives.  While we can’t control Mother Nature, there are things you can do to help your

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