Amy Jones, REALTOR
I was born into a Real Estate family. I’ve not only heard about it all my life, I’ve wanted a career in this business all my life as well. My parents’ background is in construction, land-development, and of course, listing and sales. Though retired from the business, my dad actually started right here at Del-Co in the 1980’s. After a stint in Louisiana, when he and my mom moved back here, they called Del-Co. So, when I was ready to start my career, naturally, I called Del-Co.
I was taught to serve others, and then everything else would take care of itself. And that’s my approach to Real Estate. Whether you’re buying or selling, I want to serve you in such a way that you get your heart’s desire. I can appraise your property, pre-qualify buyers, give staging advice, and even give you an after-renovation-value if you’re an investor. I am creative, diligent, and trustworthy. I don’t claim to know everything, and as you can see, I’m young. But I do claim to work hard. Real Estate is not a hobby for me, it’s both a passion and a joy. And when I go to work for you, I take it to heart. I’m Amy Jones, and I’m working hard to serve others for their dreams. Give me a call at Del-Co today!

Office Phone Number: 864-292-3333

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