Trends go in and out of style, and the past few years have seen a more rapid succession of home decor and staging fads than usual. Granite becomes essential; then granite is traded in favor of quartz. Cobblestone accents are a must and then they're despised too. Luckily, homes in Greenville—whether old or new—tend to be pretty timeless in design, showcasing a classic stateliness that never goes out of style. Still, some of us with established homes are guilty of holding on to a few things that, though minor, can make our entire homes feel dated. Not sure what they might be? Here's a list of 6 home features that might be causing your home to look outmoded.

Powder Pink Walls

When you hear others say to paint your home in neutral colors, you're…

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On a similar topic to our recent post on how to vacation at home in Greenville, we're focusing this week's blog on capturing the essence of a luxury hotel within your home. When you think of emulating your most indulgent vacation experiences within your current house, the first word that might come to mind is "expensive". But making your home feel as inviting as that luxury hotel room you're still dreaming of is about much more —or rather, much less— than pricey purchases, high-end items, and swanky renovations. Rather than a collection of the most upscale items, the luxury hotel experience is crafted by a series of subtleties that contribute to the overall ambiance of peace and indulgence. It's not the antique gold-plated lamp post, the stone globe, or…

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It's that time of year again when everyone you know is getting ready to go on vacation. Maybe you've already returned and are experiencing a wave of the post-vacation blues. Perhaps you've taken your fair share of holidays this year and are stuck in town for the summer. Maybe you're so booked up with commitments that you simply don't have the time for a luxe getaway. But that doesn't mean you have to feel confined to an uneventful summer in the city. Sometimes we can forget to be tourists in our own city; we assume that just because we haven't booked a plane ticket we can't experience all the perks of the vacation lifestyle. But that doesn't have to be true! Greenville is an ideally sized and temperate haven and all you need to do to make the most of it…

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Summer is here, and while Greenville may be known for its fantastic roster of summer activities, sometimes the balmy heat means you just want to get out of town and enjoy some lush, green spaces. Luckily, Greenville is close to an amazing collection of natural spots, from tailored parks to the rugged expanses of Paris Mountain State Park. Among this vast selection, you're bound to find your perfect oasis. Start with the 5 amazing spots below and enjoy the incredible green landscapes right at your fingertips!

Table Rock Trail

Table Rock State Park is less than 45 minutes to the north west of Greenville and offers a spectacular mosaic of luxuriant mountains, rugged bluffs, sparkling lakes, and broadleaf woods. Within its perimeters you'll find rustic…

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Greenville is known for a lot of things — but not everyone knows that in addition to being a world-class destination for sports, education, art, and history, it's also a food hub. Whether you're a prospective resident, a new local, or a long-time Greenville native, you're bound to find an eatery in here that piques your interest. With plenty of fare to select from, there's no doubt that you'll discover a great spot to become a regular at, or one where you can try something new!

Nose Dive

Nose Dive dubs itself a 'gastropub', a title which evokes images of traditional pub fare with an upscale twist. That's exactly what it is — a menu bursting with trendy takes on our timeless favorites boasts items such as herbed and sea salted tater tots, 'West Coast…

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When it comes to childproofing your home, you don't have to say goodbye to style. Safety always comes first, of course. But that doesn't mean you have to compromise the ambiance of your home or hide its intricate craftsmanship. Furthermore, in Greenville where many homes are older, making your house safe for a little one can seem like a daunting task. But it doesn't have to be! Here are 7 simple ways to amp up the kid-friendly factor in your house without compromising on style and subtlety.

Cut Down On Small Items

Hiding or getting rid of potential choking hazards is a great way to simultaneously rid yourself of excess clutter and organize your home. Small, miscellaneous items, leftover packaging, and knick-knacks can be packed out in favor of…

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