Upgrading Your Family Home? Here’s How to Make It More Marketable to Renters

Have you reached the phase of your life where you’re considering downsizing to a smaller home? Before you begin the selling process, consider turning your once family home into a rental property. There are several benefits to owning a rental property, one of the main attractions being that it can provide a source of income, which can be especially beneficial as you near retirement. 

However, if you’ve owned your home for years (even decades), there may be a few upgrades that can help make your property more attractive to renters. Here are four things to consider to make your family home marketable to renters:

Make Necessary Repairs

Before you begin making cosmetic…

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Why a Home Inspection Is Crucial Before Purchasing

If you're in the process of purchasing a home, then it's important to get a home inspection. Home inspections give buyers confidence and promote a smooth home-buying process. Here are three reasons why buyers should avoid skipping out on their home inspections. 

1. Expensive Repairs

Getting an inspection keeps you in the loop of your potential home purchase. This is important before making a huge investment.

An inspection enables buyers to know about any unexpected repairs before committing to a home. Unfortunately, buyers end up wasting money when they skip the inspection process. 

This is because buyers end up missing the opportunity to negotiate a lower price for the home due to repairs.…

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Reasons Why It's Important to Choose a Certified Home Inspector

Getting your home inspection done is vital, especially if you plan on selling or buying a house. Many inspectors in the market claim to do inspections but have no qualifications. If you plan to put your home up for inspection, it is vital that you get it inspected by a certified home inspector. Knowing the reasons behind it will guide you as you choose an inspector.

They Will Ensure Your Safety

If you are buying or selling property in the market, you need to get an inspector who knows what to look out for. There are houses with flawed foundations or flooring, which might prove to be a danger to you or the home's new occupants. A verified inspector knows what to look out for and will…

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Why People Are Buying Bigger Homes

It's not surprising that people are buying bigger homes. Many of the decisions to go larger have to do with work and lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic.

Social Distancing

With social distancing protocols in place, it's not surprising that everyone wants a little more space than usual. It's essential to have a comfortable space where everyone can work and live when working remotely. The pandemic forced many workers into home offices, and they felt cramped because of the sudden change.

When living with family members or roommates, it may be necessary to purchase a larger house for privacy, even if you don't need the extra room. Having people on top of you when you're attempting to work causes a…

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