The Best Season to Buy a Home to Save Money

Timing is one of the main factors when you consider purchasing a home. Other factors that play a big role when buying a home include your financial status, the period you plan to live in that home, economic and broader market factors.

It is essential to note that home prices may vary depending on the region you wish to live in. Essentially, most homeowners sell their homes during summer and spring, after which the markets cool down in winter.

The Best Time to Buy a House

Like any other industry, the demand and supply forces determine the market prices in the real estate market. Striking balance between the two forces is crucial in getting a great home deal. Buying a home when the demand is low is the…

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Top 3 Greenville Communities for the Outdoorsy Folks

Lovers of the outdoors will be glad to know that there’s no shortage of fun things to do in nature in Greenville, SC. From hiking and cycling to relaxing in the shade at a local park, it’s really up to you to decide which adventure you want to embark on next. There are lots of places to discover and refreshing spots to visit in Greenville. Let’s take a look at a few neighborhoods that are just right for exploring.

1. Neely Farm

Neely Farm is popular for its greenery and tranquility. With an abundance of tall trees, rolling hills, and spacious homes, this neighborhood makes for an enticing area to live in. The peace and quiet just adds to the appeal of heading outdoors to get active, and the…

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Essential Factors to Consider for First-Time Home Buyers

Buying a home for the first time requires that you get all the details right. You may pop a bottle of champagne to celebrate your victory and success only to regret the decision later. These tips will help you navigate the process and help you to save some money while you get the desired property. 

Understand Your Financial Health

Owning a house comes with additional expenses such as property taxes, maintenance costs, utility costs, and others. You need to understand your budget and the maximum amount you aim to spend on acquiring a home. For first-time buyers, expensive neighborhoods can put you into debt. Large houses with spaces that you may not need will increase your running costs and…

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Home Improvement Tips You Should Watch out for This Fall

Homeowners are often on the lookout for ways to improve their homes throughout the year. Fall is one of these times because homeowners can repair exterior surfaces like painting and repairing roof shingles. Below are tips to help you stay safe while doing these projects around your property this fall season.

Fixing the Roof

There are two types of roofs: asphalt shingles and clay tiles. Many people choose an asphalt shingle roof because it is cheaper than a clay tile roof, but there can be problems with them since they can easily crack and develop leaks if not maintained properly. It is essential to scrap the shingle's surface occasionally to remove dirt and other debris that accumulates on…

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Top Five Communities to Move to in Greenville, SC

Whether you’re a long-time resident of the city of Greenville, SC, or new to the area, there’s a lot that you’re going to love about living there. According to National Geographic Traveler, Greenville has received the honor of being one of the top 10 best small cities in the US in 2018, partially thanks to its stable economy and ethnically diverse population.

Why Greenville?

Greenville enjoys cleaner air than many other cities, and traffic is light. This is mainly due to the fact that most residents don’t spend a lot of time commuting. There’s an abundance of natural scenery and some of the finest urban parks in the country. When it comes to dining out, there’s something for every palette. And…

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What Is the Best Month to Sell a Home in Greenville, SC?

The real estate market seems to always be in a constant state of flux and fury. Sensitive details you wouldn't expect to make that much difference become of great importance when selling a home, no matter where you are. These details are various with different levels of complexity, but one easy one to consider is the month you decide to start the process of selling a home.

Look for Late Spring/Early Summer

In Greenville, South Carolina, the month you choose to put your home on the market can be one of the most important decisions you make. The busiest times of year for home selling are almost always going to be the end of spring and into the summer. The weather starts to transition from…

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