Debunking the Housing Market in Greenville

Located on the edge of the blue ridge mountains, Greenville is one of the largest cosmopolitan cities in South Carolina. Approximately two years ago, the city had deteriorated so much that vacant houses were the norm. With the rise of better economic times and increased housing in the city, the former textile town has regained its glow. If you are wondering what is the state of the housing market in Greenville, keep reading. Here, we take a look at both the demand and supply indicators of this housing market.

The Demand Indicators

Trends of Unemployment

Up until 2020, unemployment in Greenville was always below the national average. However, the pandemic worsened this state in 2020, leading to an…

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Which Home Upgrades do Greenville Buyers Want The Most?

Does your home need improvement? Maybe your kitchen is way too small or doesn't have enough counter space. Or perhaps you want to upgrade the exterior of your home with a new patio, outdoor kitchen, or an addition. There are many home improvements that Greenville homeowners can pursue. Let's talk about which upgrades people in Greenville want most in their new home!

Bigger Kitchens

Bigger kitchens are in demand in Greenville because people are cooking at home now more than ever. Greenville kitchens are getting bigger to accommodate families and remote workers. The kitchen is the most used room in a home, and any improvements you make can increase your property value as well!

Kitchens are…

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Top 3 Greenville Communities for the Outdoorsy Folks

Lovers of the outdoors will be glad to know that there’s no shortage of fun things to do in nature in Greenville, SC. From hiking and cycling to relaxing in the shade at a local park, it’s really up to you to decide which adventure you want to embark on next. There are lots of places to discover and refreshing spots to visit in Greenville. Let’s take a look at a few neighborhoods that are just right for exploring.

1. Neely Farm

Neely Farm is popular for its greenery and tranquility. With an abundance of tall trees, rolling hills, and spacious homes, this neighborhood makes for an enticing area to live in. The peace and quiet just adds to the appeal of heading outdoors to get active, and the…

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Top Five Communities to Move to in Greenville, SC

Whether you’re a long-time resident of the city of Greenville, SC, or new to the area, there’s a lot that you’re going to love about living there. According to National Geographic Traveler, Greenville has received the honor of being one of the top 10 best small cities in the US in 2018, partially thanks to its stable economy and ethnically diverse population.

Why Greenville?

Greenville enjoys cleaner air than many other cities, and traffic is light. This is mainly due to the fact that most residents don’t spend a lot of time commuting. There’s an abundance of natural scenery and some of the finest urban parks in the country. When it comes to dining out, there’s something for every palette. And…

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What Is the Best Month to Sell a Home in Greenville, SC?

The real estate market seems to always be in a constant state of flux and fury. Sensitive details you wouldn't expect to make that much difference become of great importance when selling a home, no matter where you are. These details are various with different levels of complexity, but one easy one to consider is the month you decide to start the process of selling a home.

Look for Late Spring/Early Summer

In Greenville, South Carolina, the month you choose to put your home on the market can be one of the most important decisions you make. The busiest times of year for home selling are almost always going to be the end of spring and into the summer. The weather starts to transition from…

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Learn About Seasonality in Greenville, SC, Housing Sales

Greenville, SC, has seen a rise in housing prices and demand over the past few years. Whether you're planning to buy a home or sell a home in or near Greenville, timing is everything. Seasonality plays a big role in how long it will take your home to sell, how much it will sell for and how long the transaction will take to process. Read on to learn more about seasonality in the Greenville housing market.

When Most Housing Sales Take Place in Greenville

Most housing sales in Greenville occur during the summer months of the year, between June and September. This is consistent with peak housing sales in other parts of the South. When looking at the trend lines for when housing transactions…

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Covid-19 Has Dramatically Changed the Greenville Real Estate Market

If you are buying or selling real estate in Greenville, South Carolina, it's important to be aware of the impact that COVID-19 has had on the real estate markets. As with everywhere else in the country, the economy in the Greenville area has slowed down during the pandemic, which has led to decreases in real estate values. 

However, the markets are beginning to rebound as the re-opening begins, but progress could be impeded by another round of shutdowns. Here's what you need to know about the effects of COVID-19 on the real estate market:

1. Job Losses Are Common During the Pandemic

Job losses have caused many potential home buyers to suffer severe economic hardship, which has…

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Greenville is one of those small towns with that big city atmosphere. The town offers everyone plenty of action. Whether going out for the nightlife or seeking a popular dining establishment, those who come to visit can find an assortment of things to do.


1. The Heart of Downtown

People love to walk through the downtown district during the day and night. They enjoy the large sidewalks and popular restaurants for outdoor dining. Greenville is a friendly area to associate with visitors and residents. Plenty of shopping opportunities are available for those who prefer to purchase items to take home. Downtown Greenville is buzzing with patrons until late at night.


2. A Strong Economy Offering Excellent Employment Opportunity

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Choosing to sell your property is a big decision for many people. Looking at ways to better increase the chance of your property is well worth the effort. A few negative things can make a significant impact on the success of making a sale. Understanding the most common things buyers will notice is a good way to help you complete a sale.


Here are a few of the top things that potential buyers notice when they look at a property.


1. Poor Landscaping


One of the first things that a potential buyer will notice is the landscaping of a property. Keeping the yard mowed and well-maintained is a great way to make a positive first impression. Trimming shrubs and trees can also play a key role in creating a powerful first impression for…

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You can qualify as a first-time homebuyer even if you have owned a home before. This means you may qualify for first-time homebuyer benefits and loans if you haven’t owned your principal residence for the last three years or more. These benefits include low or no down payment FHA loans, VA loans, USDA Loans, renovation loans and other programs for first-time homebuyers. According to the National Association of Realtors, the average age for first-time homebuyers is 32 years. 


Real Estate Is a Good Investment

If you have the income and time to become a homeowner, you will have a good investment for your future. Buying a home is usually the biggest investment a person makes in his or her life. This is why you need a plan to enter the…

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