Professional Property Management in Greenville, SC

What Can a Property Management Company Do for Your Investment?

Whether you are a new or seasoned investor looking to rent properties or you are a homeowner having trouble selling your home, Delco Realty Property Management team can help you!

Delco Realty Group is a locally owned and operated full service real estate company that has been serving the Greenville and Spartanburg South Carolina areas since 1975.

Let us put our 40+ years of local market experience to work for you!

Here are just some of the property management services Delco Realty offers:

  • Property Evaluation

We will send an expert property manager to your rental property and evaluate its condition, come up with a marketing plan, and help you determine a fair price to rent your home or commercial property.

  • Property Preparation

We will help you get your property in "rent ready" condition.

  • Property Marketing and Promotion

There are many rental homes in Greenville and surrounding areas, so an effective, impactful marketing campaign can be the difference between your properties being rented or vacant for months on end. We'll conduct an analysis of the current market, allowing you to make the most out of your real estate investment. We'll then list your property on the MLS  and other popular rental websites to get your properties as much exposure as possible.

  • Tenant Screening

Choosing the right tenants to occupy your property means protecting your investment. We take pride in our thorough screenings, handling the entire process of criminal background checks, employment verification, credit checks, prior rental history, and reference checks. 

  • Rent Collection

We also make sure that your rent is collected and deposited on time, every time. This prevents you from having to chase down your tenants each month if they're late on a payment.

  • Maintenance and Repair

You will also have the comfort of knowing that routine maintenance and repairs will be performed on a regular basis to keep your homes looking like new. This protects your investment and keeps your tenants happy.

  • Property Inspections

Our property managers perform periodic property inspections that ensure its condition is being properly maintained by the tenant. We create detailed reports for property owners that leave no stone unturned, giving you a clear picture of the state of your investment.

  • Collections and Evictions

Unfortunately, there are times where your tenant will have to be evicted due to all sorts of circumstances. You can rely on us to handle the whole eviction process on your behalf, legally and efficiently.

For more information about homes or commercial property for rent, Contact Carmen DeLuca at: (864) 268-3333 or