Why should a homeowner rely on a real estate agent? Between financial issues and accessible real estate information, this question plagues many sellers. The internet provides a smorgasbord of answers to every real estate question imaginable. You save money through self-teaching. The reality is you gain something else when saving on one or two parts. Yes, you use the internet and keep finances, but you gain stress and confusion. Ease the stress by hiring an agent to represent your home. Here's why.


Industry Knowledge & Guidance

A real estate agent guides you through each step in the home selling process to ensure the sale is final and legal. From listing to closing, the agent advises sellers on the correct steps in making a solid sale.


From the city to the neighborhood, a real estate agent can find interested buyers online and bring them to your doorstep in hopes of closing a sale. Done primarily through marketing, agents use an excellent listing, breathtaking photos, and the home's sale history to inform buyers why this home in this neighborhood is a good buy. The agent assists sellers to price a home based on the most recent national climate, the latest local market news, and competitive neighborhood price comparisons. The agent is there during the bidding phase, informing you about each bid. They explain detailed and complicated contracts in understandable terms and navigate through paperwork like a champion. When buyers aren't responding, their education and experience teach them to adapt quickly and change strategy.


The agent continues to stand by you as sellers decide on the best bid, guide them through mortgage/cash financing, and remain at your side during closing. To reiterate, a real estate agent weaves through the industry effortlessly. Do homeowners really have time to invest in the home selling process using the same energy as an agent?


Art of Negotiation

Are you good at negotiation? Yard sales and auction experience may prepare you for negotiation, but negotiating on a home is on a different scale. Emotional attachment surrounds items at yard sales and auctions. Tempers flare up and tears fall, resulting in hurt feelings and regrettable choices. Great deals originate from emotional detachment. In real estate, the right choices originate from detached, yet skilled minds, and that's where agents thrive. Similar to lawyers, agents defend their client to the other agent using facts and the seller's opinions, standing by their client until the client decides to budge.


Meanwhile, the buyer and seller never meet. Sellers can say offensive things about the buyer without the buyer knowing, and the buyer can mention meticulous details without the seller knowing. The agent's experience and education teach him or her to mention the negatives and positives to the other agent in a professional manner and vice versa.


Networking Skills

Agents' connections revolve around industry-related connections and connections real estate people need to accomplish tasks. Industry-related connections such as brokers, lawyers, and other agents provide awareness for you home through word-of-mouth, agent websites, social media posts, and MLS listings. Connections not related to the industry directly (i.e., title searchers, appraisers, mortgage lenders, land surveyors, home inspectors, home insurance companies) are necessary to complete tasks. Sellers should use these skills to evaluate bids, the appraisal, outstanding debt, and/or a buyer's mortgage company.


Homeowners could slap on the "For Sale by Owner" sign and learn the real estate game online. An agent is much easier for these reasons alone. After all, sellers have too many responsibilities with curb appeal and relocating. Don't add "home sale" to the list. Let a reputable, dependable, reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy agent take the reins.

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