Real estate agents’ sole obligation is to their clients. They are required to do everything they can to ensure that the home buying or selling process runs smoothly. As a client, the agent will be your advocate. This is the person you will turn to when you the going becomes tough. You expose yourself to possible disappointment by failing to choose the right agent. You need someone who can represent your interests properly. Understand what an agent does is a great way to make sure that you will choose the right agent.

1. Pricing Your Home

Home pricing is by far the most important part of selling your house. A top realtor will not give you false promises in a bid to make you happy. The agent will rely on their real estate training, understanding of local realty markets, as well as comparable sales when pricing your home. Understanding how to price a residence properly is one of the most valuable skills possessed by an agent. A smart seller should be on the lookout for a real estate agent who sells residences close to the original asking price. An exceptional agent will also have a knack for correct pricing. There are those who tell homeowners what they would like to hear so that they can get the listing for themselves.

2. Marketing Your Home

Your agent should really shine in this area. Some homeowners rely on the photos that they have taken when listing the home. But this need not be the case. A real estate agent can help you hire a good, and professional real estate photographer. Remember that your home photography will be an essential part of selling your house, particularly in today’s market. Additionally, the agent can help in getting the word out about your home. This will involve the use of various marketing channels, and not just rely on the multiple listing services. The agent should ideally have a website that draws quality traffic, and which is used when showcasing the homes for sale. The use of social media when marketing the homes is a plus.

3. Pre-qualifying All Interested Buyers

Anybody can walk up to you and say they are interested in purchasing your house. But not all of them will be qualified for mortgages. The agent can help with the pre-qualification process. Here, your realtor will go the extra mile and ensure that the buyers are indeed pre-approved. There exists a very big difference between pre-qualification and pre-approval for a mortgage. This is something that you may not be aware of as a client. The agent will go through the buyer’s credit report and employment information in a bid to establish whether they can really afford to buy the residence or not.

Working with experienced agents with a proven track record means that you will be getting value for your money. Such an agent will do whatever it takes to ensure that they find the right buyer for your house.

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