3 Virtual Tour Tips for Real Estate Agents

Due to the current state of the world, more real estate professionals are offering virtual home tours. Many people don't want to risk entering homes at this time, but some of them still need to move. Since virtual tours can be overwhelming, here are three tips to improve the experience and to increase your chances of selling your homes.

1. Use High-Quality Recording Equipment

Above all else, you should ensure that you get some of the best recording equipment available if you plan to record a virtual tour. This includes using an HD camera and a good microphone if you want to record the audio. If you don't use good equipment, then the tour will look like it's low effort, and that may turn some people away from the home.

High-quality videos matter because people want to see the home clearly. If they can't, then they won't be able to tell whether they like it. On top of this, some of them may assume that you're trying to hide something by offering a low-quality video. Therefore, if you want to appear professional, then you need to use high-quality equipment.

2. Show Off the Entire House

Once you have the proper equipment, you should make sure to show off the entire home to your potential buyers. Some agents will record each of the rooms individually without showing how they connect, but this may confuse some buyers who want to understand the home's layout. Due to this, it may be a good idea to show the hallways and even to walk with the camera into the different rooms.

You should also pan the camera across each room so the viewer can see all of it. If you only show off a corner of it, then people may struggle to tell how big it is, and others may think you're hiding something. This means that you should do your best to show off the entire house and each room.

3. Offer Video Chat Viewings

Many people will worry about the condition of the house if they can't see it in person. Some of your potential buyers may want to see the house in real time so they can get an idea of its condition. It may be a good idea of offer video chat viewings so people can see the house for themselves.

These viewings will allow you to point your camera around the different rooms so potential buyers can see the entire house. On top of this, you can answer questions on the spot and show a buyer whatever he she wants to see. Video chat viewings can address all of a buyer's concerns and can increase your odds of selling the home.

Your virtual tours will succeed as you show the house off through your video recordings. Remember to use these tips since they will help you address your potential buyers' concerns with the home.


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