5 Reasons to Buy an Older Home

Are you looking for a home to purchase? Many buyers emphasize finding a new home, but here are some great reasons to consider an older home. 

1. They Don't Make Them Like They Used To

Many older homes were built with higher quality materials than those used today. For example, today’s homes often have drywall, which is lighter and easier to put up. This allows more homes to be built in a short amount of time. Alternatively, many older homes have walls made with lathe and plaster, which is sturdier and provides a higher level of insulation. More care was also taken in the construction of many older homes because they weren't built as quickly as they are today.

A large number of older homes were constructed with wood from fully grown trees. A lot of the wood used for building homes today, however, is not taken from mature trees. Wood from older trees is less likely to warp or rot than the wood used for building today. 

2. Live in an Established Neighborhood

Buying an older home often means you get to live in an established neighborhood. Alternatively, if you build a brand-new home, there’s a good chance you'd be living in a newer neighborhood. An established neighborhood will also likely have other people who have lived in the area for a very long time.

3. Enjoy Classic Features in an Older Home

Many older homes have features that aren’t seen much today. If you like the idea of having classic features in your house, then an older home may be a favorable option for you. One example is a laundry chute. An older home may have a little door in the hallway on the top floor. You simply open the door and slip your soiled clothes down the chute, so they travel to the laundry room on the first floor. This a practical feature in an older home that has all but disappeared in modern homes.

Other classic features found in some older homes include: 

  • Dutch doors

  • A dumbwaiter

  • A sleeping porch

4. Live in a Home with a History

Lots of buyers find it appealing to live in a home with an established history. Perhaps several families have lived in the home since it was built. Each family made changes to the home to make it more comfortable. The features within a home can be part of its history. For example, an older home may have a root cellar where generations of families stored canned goods to enjoy over the winter months.

5. Make Modern Upgrades While Enjoying an Older Home

Just because a home is older doesn’t mean you can’t make some modern upgrades. For instance, you can enjoy a collection of Smart kitchen appliances in an older home. Plus, you can easily install a modern security system or more energy-efficient windows. You can live in an older home and still make the changes you want to fit your lifestyle.


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