Dealing with demanding home buyers or sellers can be a daunting task. Below are a few tips to guide you when dealing with difficult buyers or sellers.


Listening is a sign of respect and professionalism. You will know about the concerns of the seller or buyer and whether they are legitimate. Don't interrupt them when talking to avoid a misunderstanding even when you know where they are aiming. This way, you will be showing them that you care. Encourage them to be open and transparent for clarity. Additionally, you ought to ask questions and support their statements. As an agent, you have to be straightforward when communicating whether it is a text or verbally. You should use a professional language when dealing with first-time clients because misunderstandings can lead to time wastage.


Real estate agents need to be proactive. You need to explain to demanding buyers and sellers the effort you put while attending to their needs. This way, they will have a clear understanding and become less challenging. Educate your clients on the problems encountered in the real estate industry and your role in resolving them. Develop a checklist of instructions for the seller and buyer to avoid negative surprises, which can result in misunderstandings. Most of them don't know the different phases of transactions, especially first-time clients. Therefore, you should be honest about your knowledge and refer them to appropriate professionals. For example, you cannot be their inspector, lawyer, engineer, and appraiser.

Creative Solutions

There are times when demanding buyers or sellers keep making small changes. They end up becoming a big issue for an agent because you realize you are dealing with more than what you agreed with them in the contract. Therefore, if they make changes that complicate the process, you have to talk to them calmly and explain that you will charge them extra money because you will take more time on their project. The client may agree, but if not, you may choose to do the project just for the experience. It can be challenging to tell demanding clients to wait for a little longer before you close on their deals, especially when they have a deadline. If you are too busy, you can refer them to someone else.


As an agent, there are times that you have to act as a therapist to demanding buyers and sellers. Some of them have unrealistic expectations and find it hard to let go of their homes. Some have intentional minor delays, such as failure to do minor repairs. You have to come up with strategies which best explains why the deal has to be closed before the deadline and narrate to them success stories of past clients. This way, you will be making an empathetic appeal, and at the same time, they will be aware of the facts provided.

Personality Conflict

Before working with demanding home buyers or sellers, it is essential to conduct a pre-interview to determine whether their needs are in line with yours. People have different personalities, and getting to know about them in advance can avoid conflicts. You should understand their challenges and struggles.

When you use the above approaches, the clients will start focusing on the positive side instead of the negative. Additionally, you will be able to work with all sorts of sellers or buyers.

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