Finding your dream home is a massive undertaking. Because of this, it is always vital that you ask plenty of questions when you're looking into a specific property. Today, we're going to examine a few of the best questions you can ask to determine whether a home is right for you. 

What Are The Local HOA Fees?

HOA fees are a commonly unforeseen cost that plague new homeowners. Many neighborhoods have monthly HOA fees upwards of $500. We always recommend consulting with your realtor to determine the monthly cost of HOA fees. This will allow you to determine whether a property is actually within your price range. 

What Is The Value Of This Property

Although this point may seem obvious, many buyers often fail to realize the market value of properties in an area. Whenever buyers are misinformed, they frequently overpay for a property, not knowing its true market value. To remedy this, simply conduct some basic research into property values throughout the area you're searching in.

Is The Seller Willing To Negotiate?

For some, negotiating comes naturally; however, for others, it is extremely uncomfortable. However, if you hire a realtor, we recommend that you talk to them about negotiating the price of a property. Negotiating can save you thousands of dollars on your new home. 

Are There Comparable Local Properties?

You should never be solely locked onto one specific property. Instead, ask your realtor if there are any comparable properties near important destinations such as work, school, or local amenities.

How Much Did The Seller Pay For The Home?

Oftentimes, sellers will attempt to sell their property for a significantly higher price than they bought it for. However, if you find the price that they originally paid for the home, you have leverage while negotiating. 

Are There Any Major Issues With The Home?

One of the most important inquiries you should make is whether a home has any major issues. This includes problems with the foundation, roof, driveway, and others. 

When Was The Home Made?

In general, newer properties carry higher value on the market. Therefore, we recommend finding when the property was built to pay fair market value. 

Were There Any Previous Offers On The Home?

If a seller has rejected a previous offer on their property, this can provide you with valuable insight into how much they value their home. 

When Does The Seller Want To Move?

In many circumstances, sellers are under pressure to move quickly. In these scenarios, it may be possible to purchase a home for less than the listing price. 

Hopefully, you have received some valuable insight from this article. If you're on the search for your dream home, don't compromise on a mediocre property. Instead, always be sure to find the answers to these nine questions to find a property that will truly be your dream home.



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