Are New Manufacturers Attracting New Residents to Greenville?

Greenville, the Pitt County seat and the 11th most-populated city in North Carolina has experienced massive industrial growth over the last decade. Popularly known as the legendary textile powerhouse of the 1890s, Greenville has witnessed a significant upsurge of manufacturing jobs of late. The establishment of companies such as Michelin and GE have triggered a job influx, which has attracted new residents to Greenville. New manufacturers in Greenville are attracting new residents to the city, and here are reasons why.

Robust Market Conditions

New and existing manufacturers are finding Greenville to be the ideal business location because of its strong market conditions. The city provides business-friendly conditions, thanks to its stable real estate market, fast-growing markets, and substantial capital investment opportunities. Based on the same report as provided by the Greenville Chamber of Commerce, 307 new jobs were created. The real estate market in Greenville has remained strong and stable over the years, which has attracted more real estate investors from within and outside the city.

Decent Living Conditions

Greenville is the home to dozens of world-leading and established manufacturing plants. Some manufacturers doing well in this city include GE Power, Prisma Health, SYNNEX Corporation, Michelin North America, Duke Energy Corp, and Fluor Corporation. The towns and cities within and bordering Greenville are also known to offer affordable living conditions, high-end school systems, mild climates, and an excellent healthcare system. These are wonderful combinations that have given the city higher visibility on the global map.

It’s the fastest-growing and most bustling metropolitan in the U.S, which attracts hundreds of new residents every month. Since the inception of the 21st century, Greenville County has been growing at a rate of 2% every year. Several businesses have opened new locations in the county, while tens of new businesses have been initiated lately.

Large and Fitting Labor Forces

The upstate’s industrial growth and increased number of new residents is also attributed to its extensive range of home-grown labor pool of top talents. The large pool of talented home-grown employees in this city has unique skill sets that are applicable in different sectors, including manufacturing floors and executive suite positions. With so many high-end and excellence-driven colleges and universities offering top-notch educational programs, the county’s labor force keeps growing every day. 

Since companies want top talents with the ideal skill sets to push their businesses to the desired height of success, the large number of qualified workers has enabled many manufacturing plants and other businesses to successfully execute their operations in this upstate. Greenville produces home-grown workers in virtually every sector, including hospitality, manufacturing, corporate, and other business sectors.

These are solid reasons linked to the ever-growing popularity and preference of Greenville among investors, businesses, and residents. New companies are being born everyday in this upstate and the range of people relocating to the city has tremendously increased. Most people find this upstate a great place to call home because of its large selection of home-grown labor forces, affordable living conditions, and business-friendly environment.

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