Boost Curb Appeal to Sell Your Home: 5 Tips

When it comes time to sell your home, curb appeal is important. You've probably heard the term mentioned; it means that someone driving by may be impressed by the outside look of your home, finding it inviting and appealing to the eye. 

Here are some tips that you can use when getting your home ready to sell. A large investment is not involved, and it can really make a difference in the presentation of your property to a potential buyer.

1. Fix broken lights

A broken light may seem like a sign of neglect by a potential buyer. Why not brighten up the outside to highlight the architecture, landscape or porch? Lighting makes a home more inviting, and you want those who see the home from the outside to want to see more. Illuminating the front path adds warmth, according to

Another idea is to place lights in trees or a spotlight that shines towards the pathway.

2. Keep the lawn mowed

A neat and tidy lawn speaks of homeowners who take care of their home, both outside and inside. Adding some other greenery may also boost curb appeal, if it is within your budget. Even potted plants with a bit of color can add cheer and add a welcome to your home's outside area.

3. Repair broken fences

A broken fence often tells a story of neglect. Fix it, paint it or remove it, but don't let a broken fence scare away a potential buyer. 

4. Add paint in places

Have you considered repainting your front door as a refresher to your home's look? Some people paint their doors a bright hue, such as red, while others opt for a more classic black color.

If you are up to it, you can also paint framing around windows or posts that face the front.

5. Power wash siding, sidewalk and driveway

A cleaning session will boost curb appeal and might replace a paint job. Years of grime may have accumulated, and power washing will make the paint look new again.

The sidewalk is the entrance to your home and should be clean and welcoming after a power wash. At this point, you might think of adding flowers to make your path beautiful and inviting.

After adding these curb appeal tips, you can contact us for help selling your home. Your inviting curb appeal will bring new potential buyers and might make the selling process easier and faster. Possibly, more value will be added to the asking price of your home. Curb appeal counts.


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