When you own a home, you must prepare it for the winter season. It is better to begin these home maintenance chores during the autumn before the weather gets too cold to work on a variety of projects. 

Trimming Trees and Shrubs

On a warm and dry autumn day, you should trim the shrubs and trees around your home. This can keep the branches from dangling on a home’s rooftop or beating against the side of the building during a blizzard. You will need an extension ladder and pruning shears to trim the branches. Make sure to have a friend nearby to help you with this chore, and also, collect the branches for proper disposal. 

Cleaning Gutters and Downspouts

While you have your extension ladder available, you can also clean the debris from your home’s rain gutters and downspouts. Avoid getting near to the utility lines that are attached to your home during this cleaning process. Use a small tool, such as a garden shovel to remove the dried leaves or other debris from the rain gutters. You can also use the water from a garden hose to rinse away the loosened debris. 

Sealing the Crevices around Windows and Doors

You can find liquid sealants to squirt into the crevices around your home’s windows and doors to prevent the loss of climate-controlled air. This will also prevent cold drafts when it is cold outside. You can use the same sealants to fill the holes that are in a building’s foundation. It is also a good idea to use the liquid caulking inside your home for additional protection from cold drafts. 

Check Your Home’s Rooftop

Check your home’s rooftop for problems that can include missing or loose shingles. You can replace the missing shingles, or alternatively, you can nail down the loose shingles. If the roof is in a bad condition, then you may need to hire a roofer to replace the underlying materials to avoid having moisture damage from ice and snow. 

Prepare a Home’s Plumbing System 

It is vital to prepare your home’s plumbing systems before winter begins. Drain the faucets that are outside your home before turning off the items. For additional protection, you can cover the faucets with an insulating device. You should also use self-adhesive insulating tape on the exterior pipes to protect the items from the freezing temperatures. 

Keeping Your Home Warm

Make sure to inspect and clean your home’s furnace or baseboard heaters before the temperature drops during the winter. Turn on the baseboard heaters or the furnace to confirm that it is working. Turn off the devices to change the filter in the furnace along with cleaning the components. Walk through your home to make sure that the vents are open so that the warmer air is flowing freely.



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