In today's competitive market, there are many homes with the same (or similar) floor plan in the same (or nearby) neighborhood up for sale.  When "location, location, location" is the same or similar, how do you separate your home from the competition?...

Curb Appeal!

Buying a home requires the seller to create an emotional attachment for the buyer from the moment they pull up in their car.  However, what is equally important in today's web-driven world of online home search is how your home's curb appeal translates to online photos - which is where most of your buyer prospects are coming from.

While how the home looks on the inside is equally important, the exterior is what people see FIRST.  As the old saying goes...  You only have ONE chance to make a FIRST impression.  Your home could be the most beautiful home on the inside, but if the outside is not as equally impressive, you may turn off buyers.

I am continually surprised at how the MAJORITY of real estate photos I see in listings are (a) not an accurate representation of the home (b) missing key features (c) conveniently omit "issues" with the home/property or (d) are just poor quality pictures in general - blurry / out of focus, dark picture, picture taken too far away from home, etc.

 Some subtle things that make all the difference in the world are:

  1. Remove the window screens - screens can make the windows (and home) look dark, dirty or simply uninviting.
  2. Water the Mulch - before a showing or photo, water the mulch in the front of the house.  It gives the mulch a fresh, rich color.
  3. Show Off Path to the Doorway - bring the home's walkway front and center; paint or stain the door as necessary.
  4. Trim back overgrown shrubs and trees
  5. Pressure wash the home if mold or mildew is present

* For more detail on how to "Create that Curb Appeal Online," please contact Delco Realty Group for a personal, no obligation, FREE consultation.

Our Delco Realty Agents are trained in staging and picture taking techniques that will MAXIMIZE the curb appeal of your home and capture the attention of that buyer searching for a home like YOURS online.

Who is your Prospect Anyway - Buyer or Agent? 

Understand you are not just trying to attract a buyer for your home, but most of the time, you are needing to impress the buyer's real estate agent who (if they are doing their job) is screening a list of homes that they are willing to schedule on a showing appointment for their client.  If the agent doesn't like your home based on the pictures or description in the MLS, then there is a good chance their buyer will NEVER even know about your home.

If you do not already have a Realtor® working for you, please feel free to contact Delco Realty Group.  We would be honored to have the opportunity to serve your real estate needs.

excerpts taken from Realtor® magazine

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