As a homeowner, you will want to save money on many of your home maintenance chores, and this is easy when you learn some of the best do-it-yourself techniques. Here is a simple home do-it-yourself home maintenance list. 

Adding Weather Stripping to Your Home

You can avoid a high utility bill in the summer and the winter by adding weather stripping to your home. Most of this type of material is easy to install with the adhesive backing and a simple tool for cutting it into the proper size. This foam substance can prevent the cold or hot drafts in your home that occur around the doors or the windows. 

Cleaning and Securing Window Screens

If your home's window screens are dirty, then it is easy to remove the items for proper cleaning. You will need an extension ladder and a few simple tools to remove the window screens before washing the items with the water from a garden hose. After the screens are dry, place the items back into place securely with the correct tools and fasteners so that that items won't blow away when it is windy outside. 

Emptying a Water Heater to Remove Sediments

If you are noticing less hot water from your home's water heater, then you may have an appliance that is filled with sediments. By turning off the water heater along with using a hose and bucket, you can remove the sediments from the water heater's tank. This will help you to have more hot water each day, and it will prevent corrosion of the water heater. Make sure to read the water heater's instruction manual to understand how to turn the device's power on. 

Repairing Your Home's Baseboards

When you walk around your home, you may notice that the baseboards are lifting from the walls. This can lead to a loss of heated or cooled air, but pests, including spiders, insects and rodents can enter through the openings around the baseboards. You can use a hammer and a soft cloth to repair the baseboards. Place the soft protective cloth over the baseboard before tapping gently with a hammer to force the item back into place. 

Changing the Furnace’s Air Filter

You don't need to call an expensive technician to repair a furnace's air filter because this is an easy do-it-yourself home maintenance chore. Make sure that the furnace is turned off so that you can remove its cover to install the new filter in the correct location. There are numerous sizes of air filters, but the old one will have the measurements listed on the items. 

Unclogging a Drain

It is easy to unclog a drain in a bathroom or a kitchen by using a rubber-tipped plunger. Place the rubber tip over the drain and apply pressure to remove the debris from the drain. Pick up the hair or other debris from the sink to place it in the trash.



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