Getting Tenants for Your New Build Rental Home

Every property investor wants to get and retain high-quality tenants. Building a rental home is a significant investment, and you lose a lot of revenue when it remains vacant for weeks, days, or even months. The real estate agent is quite competitive. This nature makes finding the perfect tenants for your property stressful.

In your search, ensure that you consider various characteristics, such as being timely when paying rent and taking care of the property. The ability to have open communications with the property manager and comply with the lease agreement is also an essential trait you should look out for. The following practical techniques can help you make this task easier.

Make the Rental Home More Appealing

Renters pay a lot of attention to the features of a property when searching for a house. As an investor, you should view the new home from the renter’s perspective. Does the house have features that make it stand out? If not, consider updating the kitchen, painting the house afresh, and adding new tiles, appliances, and fittings. Making changes that add value will attract more potential tenants.

Create a Persuasive Rental Listing

Including the home on different rental listing websites is an excellent idea, but it might not attract enough renters. Ensure that you create an advertisement that will make a significant impact. For example, include professional photographs, strong and descriptive headlines, and concise information about the home. Potential renters should know the location features, infrastructure in the neighborhood, and necessary amenities on the description.

Organize and Prepare for Rental Home Viewings

Good tenants are sure about the specifics of the house they want. They are usually prepared to ask the right questions when going to view the property. Ensure that you prepare for this process and get accurate answers to the questions they might ask. For example, know the energy providers, number of rooms, and council tax bands. Having a checklist before the tenants arrive will assist in the preparations.

It would help if you advertise yourself as a landlord as you show the potential tenants around the house. Ensure that you demonstrate your knowledge and professionalism during the presentation. Additionally, be open and friendly as you convince them that living in your rental home will be the best decision.

If you are not always available, you can hire a letting agent and allow them to do the viewings. These professionals are better because they can meet with the potential tenants on short notice. Give them the key to the home and let them do their job.

Have a Market-Competitive Rent

The rent you charge on the rental home plays a significant role in finding tenants. Property investors should ensure that they do not overprice or undervalue their investments. Set the right balance, and you will attract the right tenants.


Overall, getting the right person to rent a property is not easy these days. Many people are building investment properties, and you should ensure that you use the proper techniques to make yours more unique. Advertise it more, be active in the showings, and charge competitively.

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