Before you move to a new home, you might look at the shopping centers, schools, and neighborhoods to make sure the area has the things that your family needs and desires. One of the things that you might not think about doing is getting to know your neighbors. Consider spending a day talking to the people who will live beside you and in your community to find out what they think about the area. The details that they reveal could make it easier to make a final decision about buying a home in the neighborhood or not. 


One of the reasons why you might want to talk to your future neighbors is to learn about the safety of the area. Find out if there are a lot of break-ins reported or other issues involving crimes that are committed. Ask about the lighting at night and if there are any safety measures in place to keep everyone safe. If there's a neighborhood watch, then consider joining as this will allow you to meet more people in the area and have a say in keeping the area safe. 

Home Issues

If your neighbors have been in the area for several years, then they likely know details about the home you're buying that even the real estate agent might not know about. Ask questions about flooding issues or if there have been any signs of damage to the home that you can't clearly see. An example would be a sump pump issue that prevents water from draining properly from the lower levels of the home. 

Anger Issues

Talk to your neighbors to get a better idea for their demeanor and if they would be pleasant to talk to on a regular basis. There could be some neighbors who aren't social for one reason or another. It's better to know which neighbors you should avoid before moving instead of waiting to get into your new home and finding that the person beside you doesn't want to talk.

The Best Details

Ask your neighbors about the best things they like about the community. Find out if there are activities for families to enjoy together or special events that are held. Try to talk to the people who have been there the longest because they probably know more of the inside details that newer residents don't know about. Ask the people in the area what they like least about living there to see if it's significant details or something that just might not be a preference for one person.



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