Help ME, Help YOU!

The iconic 1996 line Tom Cruise (playing a sports agent) uttered to his stubborn client in the movie, "Jerry Maguire." 

It was the turning point in the movie where his client saw and heard real genuine desire from this slick, smooth talking sports agent to help him.  Why was it such a poignant moment?  Well, because up to this point, Cruise's client in this movie (played by Cuba Gooding, Jr.) didn't trust him, didn't see him as a person with HIS best interest at heart - so there was constant conflict.

We all can relate to this.  When we demonstrate a genuine desire to help others, they trust us with more.

So let's insert this into a typical scenario in a real estate transaction in today's market... 

Sellers are upset over falling home prices; buyers may be dissatisfied with stalled negotiations or blaming you for their financing fiascos. Whatever the case, there’s a lot of unhappiness out there among buyers and sellers in a transaction — and the real estate agent is caught in the middle.

What does YOUR Agent Do?  Your relationship with your agent is about to be tested...

We do not let just any real estate agent join our team at Delco Realty.  Our agents are focused on solving our client's real estate problems.  First and foremost, we LISTEN to our clients.  We present our clients facts and remove emotion from the equation.  This is not to say our Agents are heartless, but it is to say they we need to be honest with our clients and arm them with the best information so they can make an informed decision.  After all, the reason our clients are working with us is to solve a problem.

Why do we go to our best friend, parents, or spouse for advice?  Because they will tell us the truth - what we NEED to hear, not necessarily what we WANT to hear.  We know there is a genuine desire to help.  At Delco Realty Group, our agents want to be your best friend in real estate - a trusted advisor that speaks truth and is able to offer advice to help you with your real estate problem.  We are not about gimmicks, or empty promises.

Our pledge... our promise to you is simply this...

We will listen to you... we will be honest, ethical, and courteous...  we will ALWAYS act with YOUR best interest in mind... and, we will bring all of our resources and experience to bear on your real estate problem to solve it and make you a happy client.

We look forward to the opportunity to serve you. 

Help Us Help YOU!

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