Moving can be one of the most stressful events of life. Packing up the belongings of a home pales in comparison to the memories which must be left behind. Pets, too, suffer their own forms of anxiety during a move. Your animal companion has far less information than you do about what is happening. A dog or cat can even become physically ill during the process of a move.


Thankfully, there are some things you can do to ease the tension your pet may feel. Taking the time to perform a few simple tasks will help your pet make a happy transition to their new living environment.


Board a Pet While Packing and Loading


As you are packing boxes and loading them in a vehicle so they can be moved to your new home, your pet may be at risk. Pets can become anxious as items are moved about. They can also get in the way of movers and others who may be present to help. It is wise to consider boarding your pet while the actual move is completed.


Some pets do not do well with a regular boarding facility. A better alternative might be to enlist the aid of a friend or family member the pet knows well. This can be more like a sleepover for the pet than a separation from its human friend. The move will be easier accomplished if you can simply bring the pet to their new home after all the items have been moved in.


Provide Access to Familiar Items


If your pet has items that it is very attached to, these items should be present and easy to access in the new home. The presence of a favorite bed or toy can help your pet to feel at ease and perceive the new surroundings as familiar.


Make sure to bring along the pet's feed and water bowls. It can be tempting to purchase new ones for your new home, but your pet will do far better with their old bowls. As much as possible, try to retain things as they were where your pet is concerned.


Resume the Pet's Routine


Your pet has developed a routine that was important at the old home. Routines give a pet structure and comfort. They provide a sense that all is right with the world. These routines should be resumed at your new home.


Take the dog for its walks at the normal time. Make sure your cat is fed at the standard feeding times. You can also help by sticking to your own routine. Pets observe the routines of humans and adjust accordingly.


Give Extra Attention


Pets need extra attention during a move. Be sure that you build in some added time to show your pet love and affection. Take them out to play more often. Give them additional petting and grooming. The key here is to make your pet feel like they still occupy the center of your world.


It only takes a little planning and forethought to make sure your pet handles the stress of moving with ease. A great thing about pets is their resilience. Most of them will do just fine in their new surroundings if you are patient and give them time to sort things out.


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