For a variety of reasons, many people want to entirely renovate their homes but don't take the steps necessary to do so. One reason involves concerns about having to move out of the house during renovations. If you want to totally renovate your house without moving out, take these considerations and suggestions into account.

Assess Feasibility

Before you hire a contractor, you need to make sure that living in your house during the renovations is actually possible. For example, imagine that you have one bathroom in the house and are getting it renovated. Unless the entire renovation will take less than a day, which is highly unlikely, you cannot live in the house. Speaking with the contractor about your plans and if you can live in the home is important. Once you have determined that staying in the house is possible, you can integrate other tips for a smoother process.

Account for Children and Pets

While you might stay in the house during the renovations, consider if doing so is safe for your kids and your pets. A dusty house can clog up the lungs of little ones and furry friends, and the constant opening of doors could lead to escapes. Depending upon the length of the renovations, you may want to consider asking a relative if the kids and pets can stay there for some or all of the project. 

Create Makeshift Areas

If you're constantly scrambling around to find items, you are likely going to feel more stressed out than necessary during the renovation. Envision that you are having the kitchen renovated. Using this space in any capacity will likely prove impossible during the renovations. Set up an area in the house with a mini-fridge so that you can store snacks and a microwave to heat up items. Remember to move frozen items and food that won't fit in the fridge to the home of a relative or friend so that these products don't spoil. 

Develop a Routine

Staying in the house during renovations can also cause stress and anxiety because you might feel trapped. Developing a routine for yourself can help. For example, you might go to a favorite spot to pick up breakfast every morning before the contractors arrive, or you may make a plan to head to the gym for a workout as soon as your partner gets back from work. 

Expect Delays

The contractors likely gave you an estimated date for the completion of the work. If you're taking this date as a guarantee, you are making a mistake and probably causing extra stress for yourself. Assume that the work is going to take longer than estimated. Exactly how much longer it will take really depends upon the extent and scope of the work. Creating your own more realistic estimate based on this information, and possibly even overestimating, can help to reduce anxiety. 

Living in your house during a total renovation is possible. However, you need to plan out the time well and make sure you are organized and realistic. 



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