If you suffer from the wintertime blues due to the colder temperatures along with the decline in the natural light from the sun, then you will need to create a home that makes you feel less depressed. Seasonal affective disorder begins during the autumn, and it can last until spring, but there are ways to make your home a healthier place during the winter. 

Paint the Walls of Each Room with an Attractive Color

Rather than having dark or gloomy wall colors in your home, use lighter or brighter paint colors that include glossy white, sky blue or sunny yellow. You can also use wallpaper that has a cheery design that alleviates a bad mood. Concentrate on improving the wall color of the rooms that you use the most, including the bedroom, kitchen or living room. 

Let the Sunlight Enter Your Home

While you may need to keep the drapes closed over the windows at night to avoid the cold drafts, during the day, you should open the drapes so that the sunlight enters a room. You can still have privacy by using sheer curtains to cover the window panes. Try to sit near a window so that you can see the sunlight that will help to lift your mood during the winter.

Additional Light Fixtures inside Your Home

To avoid feeling depressed from seasonal affective disorder, you should add light fixtures to your home. Ceiling, wall and tabletop lamps can help you to avoid the symptoms from having the blues during the winter. You can also find light fixtures that dim or burn more brightly, depending on the time of the day. 

Have Houseplants in a Home

Bringing the outside of your home can reduce your feelings of sadness during the winter. You can have an assortment of houseplants in your home that will help you to feel better along with keeping the air cleaner. You can choose houseplants that have green leaves and stems, but there are also houseplants that will have colorful blossoms. 

Eliminate the Blue Lighting in Your Home

Blue lighting is emitted by several types of electronic devices, including smartphones, computers, and televisions. If you want to sleep better at night along with controlling your body’s circadian rhythms, then keep these items away from your bedroom, and also, avoid using the devices during the evening. Improving your nighttime sleeping habits can help you to overcome the problems that are associated with the wintertime blues. 

Choose Colorful and Cozy Decorative Accessories

To create a cozier home that alleviates wintertime depression, choose cozy and colorful decorative accessories. This is particularly important when you live in an apartment that you can’t paint with brighter colors. Place bright coverlets over the upholstered furniture in the living room, and also, use colorful draperies or blankets in your bedroom. In addition, select wall art that is reflective or that depicts outdoor scenes.



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