Photo mistakes that will kill your real estate listing

First impressions are everything and if you are selling your home, often the buyer’s first impression is the photos that they see in an online real estate listing. The goal of photos is to entice the buyer to want to see more and schedule a viewing. A poor-quality photo can be a deal killer within only a few seconds. The following are mistakes are ones that you should avoid to put your best foot forward and present your property in a way that will entice buyers.


#1 Too Dark

The number one rule of real estate photography it is that it is all about lighting. If the room is naturally too dark, or if it is dark due to an error using the camera, it makes your home look gloomy and unappetizing. Using a flash is not always enough and can make dark shadowy places appear even darker. If you have curtains, open them and let in the natural light. Bring in additional lighting if need be, but by all means, brighten it up.


#2 The Plain Jane Corner

For some pre-reason, people love to take pictures of plain corners. Every home has corners and yours is not unique in this aspect. Step back and give the viewer a feeling of the space in the room. Let them see how the light comes into the room and where the closet is located in relation to the ideal wall for a bed. You need to allow the viewer to imagine what it is like in the room and taking a picture of the corner will not do the trick.


#3 Messy Spaces

You want to present your home in an attractive way and taking pictures of your dirty socks and T-shirts on the bedroom floor will not present you or your home in the best light. Think like a professional. Clean it and stage it so that it looks like an attractive space that is welcoming.


#4 Grainy Blurry Poor Quality

Not everyone is a professional photographer, but don’t post pictures that are grainy, blurry, or otherwise for poor quality. It will make you look like you don’t care and will give the buyer the impression that you didn’t care about the home while you were there.


#5 Weird Angles

Make sure that when you are photographing the outside and inside of your home that you do not photograph it on a slant. This can give the impression that there is something seriously wrong with the house, such as sagging floors or a sinking foundation.


Make sure that you choose the best features of your home and photograph them in a way that presents them in the best way possible. You need to think like a buyer and look at your photo as if you were the one who was looking to purchase your home. High-quality photos will get you more clicks and more potential buyers.

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