When buying a new home, one of the most important factors about the property is the location. When shopping for a home, one option that many people consider is to buy a home on a golf course. Prior to buying a home on a golf course, there are several pros and cons of the location that you need to be aware of.


Serene Background

One of the main advantages of buying a home that is on a golf course is that it will provide you with a very serene background. A golf course home will likely back up onto the golf course and may have an outdoor living space that looks onto the grounds. Most golf courses are very well maintained and have a lot of beautiful landscaping including very green grass, ponds, and trees.


Less Neighbors

For those that are looking to have less neighbors, a golf course can be a good option. When you live on a golf course, it will be impossible for you to be completely surrounded by neighbors. Instead of having neighbors behind you, you will likely only have people on either side of your home. This can make it a quieter environment for those that are looking for a more peaceful setting.


Golf Club Benefits

For those that like to play golf, living on a golf course can be a great living option. Many golf course communities provide discounts and other benefits to people that live in the community. These can include discounts on green fees, free access to the local driving range, and credits towards meals and golf club services.


Player Noise

While there are a lot of advantages that come with living on a golf course, there are some cons that come with it as well. One disadvantage is that there could be a lot of disruptions from noisy players. During the busier times of the year, the course will likely be filled with golfers throughout the day. While most are respectful of the local community, there will be some that will be loud and obnoxious.


Property Damage

Another risk that comes with owning a home in a golf club is that you have a risk of minor property damage. Anyone who plays golf is fully aware that even a good play has an errant shot at some point. Depending on where your home is located on the course, this could result in shots coming onto your property and potentially breaking a glass window or causing other damage. Fortunately, most communities have policies that allow for reimbursement for golf-related damage.



Due to the large fields of grass and ponds, golf courses are very attractive to geese, ducks, and other wildlife. To keep the courses clean, maintenance personnel do their best to keep these animals off of the course. In some areas, this will result in the wildlife to wander onto your property. This could make maintaining your home more challenging and be an inconvenience.


In conclusion, one popular option for homebuyers is to purchase a home that is located on a golf course. Prior to making your home buying decision, there are several pros and cons of buying a home on a golf course that you need to be aware of.

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