Living near a business can be a polarizing experience depending on where you are located. While you will get a first-hand view of many of the organizations around you, some of the downsides can become very irritating. First, here are some of the positive aspects of living in a highly commercialized area.


Whether it is a restaurant or insurance companies, living near businesses means that you will not have a long journey ahead of you in terms of getting what you need. Compared to the distance that those who live in a residential neighborhood, those who have businesses overlooking their house can practically walk to their destination. This can prove to be very convenient, especially if you are in need of something urgently. There is no need to call an Uber or make a decently sized trip. You can simply go outside and spend no more than a couple of minutes.

Work Opportunities

Whether it may be yourself, your loved one or kids, you may find that living near businesses can provide you with the chance to get employment. It can be very convenient for you if you, unfortunately, happen to come upon hard times. A lot of businesses also post job openings on the front door if they do not already have openings online. Always keep your eyes peeled, because there are always businesses seeking to hire. They could be very well right down the block from you.

Social Life

Having businesses could also be very good for your social life, especially if you are an extrovert. Whether this is fine dining or late night clubbing, having businesses nearby will never leave you with a shortage of things to do with family and loved ones.

While these are some of the basic benefits of living near businesses, there are also downsides to consider.

Excess Noise

It could be hard to find quiet time in a busy, commercial area. Whether it is the sound of truck drivers sounding their horns, crying and screaming children at daycare centers or other various noises, peace, and quiet may come at a premium.

Increased Traffic

Of course, with an increase in business comes the likelihood that there will also be an increase in traffic on the streets outside. This can prove to be very frustrating, and areas that may take around 5 minutes by foot to get to could be doubled with a car. This traffic isn’t just limited to cars either. You will also be coming across many people as well.


Industrialized areas are also infamously known for having high levels of pollution from the ground to the sky. This can result in you passing through many unsanitary conditions. Your health may also be in jeopardy if pollution levels are deemed unsafe.

Take all of these advantages and disadvantages into consideration if you are thinking about living near many businesses.

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