Reasons to Move to Greenville, SC

Remote workers from various cities are relocating to Greenville to find affordable living, pleasant weather, and enjoyable outdoor activities. Recently nicknamed “Zoom Town,” Greenville has lately landed on the radar of most people planning to relocate, where more than 3,000 remote workers have migrated to the city this year. Strategically located close to the mountains, the beach, and thriving downtown, Greenville is a great place to call home. Here are a number of reasons why you may consider migrating to Greenville. 

Affordable Living

Greenville is among the most affordable cities to live in the south. With housing and transportation costs considerably lower than other southern cities like Atlanta and Asheville, you can experience the joy of living in the south without breaking a bank. In most cases, you have to consider living somewhere affordable but less attractive or somewhere expensive but culturally thriving. With Greenville, you don’t have to compromise on any of these. 

You Can Have Fun Outside Throughout the Year

Greenville is a big city with many outdoor activities and countless shopping opportunities. There are countless outdoor activities in Greenville’s natural areas, and you will find plenty of wilderness adventures in the nearby forests and the neighboring countryside. It’s a short drive to fun activities like camping, boating, canoeing, golf, hiking, kayaking, ice skating, ziplining, and whitewater rafting. 

The city is also known for biking. Known as “Bike Town,” biking is a serious business in the town and one of the best local activities. The 21-mile Swamp Rabbit Trail follows Reedy River’s course, flowing through the city and out into Greenville County. Also, there are bikes for hire if you only want a quick day ride. 

Explore shopping centers like The Ships at Greenridge and Haywood Mall for a memorable shopping experience. The list of things that make Greenville an ideal place to call home is endless. Whether you want to spend your day exploring the city’s culture or participating in outdoor activities, Greenville has something for everyone. 

There Are Fantastic Events and Festivals Each Year

People from all corners of the world come to Greenville to attend numerous events and festivals held in the city every year. If you relocate to Greenville, you will get an opportunity to experience these occasions in your backyard. From the Artisphere festival to the BMW Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament, you can get something for your entire family. 

The Weather Is Pretty Pleasant All Year Long

Situated in the Piedmont region, Greenville has a sub-tropical climate. You’ll have an opportunity to experience all four seasons here, but the weather is usually mild and friendly. Greenville experiences hot and humid summers, with a mean temperature of approximately 80 degrees. On the other hand, Greenville winters are relatively cold and short, with the average temperature sitting about 42.2 degrees in January. The city experiences more precipitation in the spring than in autumn, but the rainfall is evenly distributed throughout the year. Greenville is relatively sunny, with 220 sunny days each year on average. When living in the city, you will enjoy mild weather throughout the year. 

There are numerous reasons that can make relocating to Greenville a viable option for you and your family. With countless opportunities for outdoor adventure, affordable living, numerous cultural events, and much more, you will find countless activities to do on the tree-lined streets among the outgoing and friendly locals.

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