What separates a good realtor from a great realtor? Simply put, a great realtor will possess the qualities of knowledge, enthusiasm, and accessibility. When buying or selling a home, it’s vital that one takes the time to shop around for the right realtor before signing on the dotted line. This is true whether one is a first-time buyer or a real estate veteran. Learning how to spot a great realtor will not only lead to better property choices but ultimately will save ample amounts of money and time. 

Shopping for Knowledge

How does one measure the knowledge of a potential realtor? The easiest way is to ask the realtor how long he or she has worked in a particular neighborhood or city. Is the realtor comfortable naming streets and local landmarks? Does the realtor know the names of local businesses or does he have to pause and look them up on his smartphone? A realtor who is well-versed in his or her neighborhood will be able to have a spontaneous but informed conversation about the area. This display of local knowledge is vital because it indicates that the realtor has developed excellent relationships with members of the community. Great relationships usually lead to the best properties. 

It’s easy to verify whether a real estate license is currently valid. Depending on the specific state, potential buyers or sellers can visit that state’s online licensing portal and enter the license number to verify it is still active. A realtor who does not possess a valid license should not be engaged professionally.

Determining the Level of Enthusiasm

A great realtor will want to start showing properties immediately. Buyers and sellers should beware of realtors who seem unmotivated or overwhelmed. These qualities indicate that the realtor is not serious about their work or capable of professionally handling client requests. This can be especially tricky for potential clients who live outside of the geographical area in which they are either trying to buy or sell. If a client inherits a property that is located hundreds of miles away from where he or she lives and wants to sell it, that person needs to be able to rely on a local realtor’s enthusiasm to attract potential buyers. An unmotivated realtor who decides that a geographically distant client isn’t worth the effort will ultimately complicate the process. 

As a property listing becomes older, it usually becomes less desirable to buyers who will pay the full asking price. By shopping for a great realtor, a seller can avoid this potential drop in the sales price. 

Testing Accessibility

Finally, a great realtor will always be available to discuss the status of a listing. Does the realtor respond quickly to emails, texts, and phone calls? If a potential client leaves a message for a realtor and does not receive a reply within a few hours, that realtor may not be a great fit. The real estate industry demands fast, courteous responses. Clients should never partner with a realtor who won’t promptly return their messages. 



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