What is a QR Code?

A QR Code is also known as a Quick Response code.  It's a funny looking two-dimensional square that is starting to pop up all over a variety of advertising mediums.  Originally, QR codes were invented by a Japanese company to track vehicle parts.  In retail, you'll see them side-by-side with bar codes, or on displays offering more information, linking to a questionnaire or a coupon. 

QR Codes are becoming very hot in the real estate industry - most commonly being used on sign riders to direct interested home buyers to more information about a home for sale.  Additionally, the QR code might be on the property flyer or flyer box itself.  Usually, QR codes will redirect someone who scans it to a website, pictures, a video like a virtual tour or a blog to get more information about real estate in the area.  I have seen some agents use them to offer a free appraisal or home inspection if the prospect buys their house.

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How do QR Codes Work in Real Estate?

A prospect drives by a home and sees a Real Estate For Sale sign in the yard.  On the sign is a rider with a QR code asking the prospective home buyer to scan it to get more information about the sign.  When the user scans the QR code on the sign, they are typically redirected to a personalized property website or to the listing for the home and instantly get a lot of information.

To the real estate agent, it is very valuable.  In some cases, a QR code can eliminate the need for a flyer box.  I think that is a stretch.  I do believe utilizing QR codes (like "Text '4Sale' to 123456 for More Info") will save on the consumption of printed brochures by proving another option to a prospective buyer with a smart phone.  Agents are also able to track the users scanning a QR code to understand when a buyer prospect came by the house and scanned the sign.

I do not think QR codes will necessarily revolutionize the real estate industry on its own, but I do believe it provides one more way prospective buyers can quickly and easily get the information they are looking for on a property for sale.  Furthermore, it allows agents to understand how their marketing efforts are working.


Posted by Robert Alexander on
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QR codes are becoming more popular in Austin, Texas real estate as well. I place them on my flyer boxes instead of actual flyers. I also include a text code which captures the buyers as well. I'm actually even putting it on my business cards which links back to a profile page on our website. This is definitely how things are moving in real estate and I love every minute of it! Thanks for the explanation on QR codes.

Posted by Brent Bockholt on Monday, April 18th, 2011 at 5:41pm

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