Home staging has become a major tool for selling a home quickly and for the highest price. Investopedia defines home staging as visual merchandising that utilizes interior design principles to create a flattering impression. 

Pros of Hiring a Stager

Real estate agents often recommend that sellers hire a stager before listing their home for sale. Below are the top reasons cited for professionally staging a home. 

1. Staging makes a home look more spacious.

One of the main purposes of staging is to remove clutter and excess furniture from your home. It should be easy for buyers to walk through any room without bumping into furniture crowded into a room. A home filled with knickknacks and too much furniture feels cluttered and is less appealing. 

2. Sellers are more likely to get a higher price.

If a home appears to be in good shape based on the staging process, it is less likely that buyers will notice or focus on little problems that might otherwise stand out. If a buyer can imagine living in the home, then odds are good that the price won't be a problem. It is always important to remember that this purchase is an emotional one. 

3. Staging gives sellers a competitive edge. 

When comparing two or three homes, the one that is staged will stand out as nicer. A professional stager knows exactly how to showcase a home to tap into the buyer's psyche so they connect emotionally to the property. 

4. A staged home is more likely to sell faster.

The Mortgage Reports claims that a staged home will sell 73% faster than a home that is not staged. Professional stagers know exactly what to focus on with the limited funds budgeted for the process to get the biggest bang for their buck with buyers. 

Cons of Hiring a Stager

While staging is recommended by many real estate agents, that does not mean that the process has no critics. Below are a few cons that often arise when people discuss staging. 

1. It takes time to stage a home. 

Anything worth doing takes some time. Depending on the size of the home, it could take as long as two weeks to stage it. You have to bring the furniture in and go through the decluttering task which can be very time-consuming for certain families. Then after the closing, it takes additional time to empty the house for the new buyers. 

2. Staging costs money.

At the low end, you might be able to get a basic staging done for $200 for a small condo or home. But, most of the time it is more likely to cost thousands. Unfortunately, not everyone has cash on hand to pay for staging.

Sellers who can afford to pay for staging should do so. In most cases, staging pays for itself easily and also provides a favorable return.



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