The Regeneration of Downtown Greenville

Greenville is a city in South Carolina located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains. It is home to many people, international companies and organizations. Downtown Greenville was not always as modernized as it is today despite the city’s consistent industrial development. Today, downtown Greenville stands out as one of America’s most transformed cities.

Main Street’s New Look and Design

The city of Greenville has undergone remodeling. The main road was condensed from four lanes to two lanes. This has enhanced traffic and angled parking. The pavement that was once bare has now made way for trees. These trees have covered up the plain-looking buildings and made Main Street more appealing. Outside dining has now been made possible. This is because the sidewalks have been expanded to create a more festive atmosphere.

Falls Park

Falls Park is a beautiful place for locals and guests to gather. It is the perfect place for the people of Greenville to reside as they get away from their usual urban environment. The park provides a quiet and peaceful locale for everyone in Greenville. It features a famous 355-foot suspension bridge that overlooks a 60-foot waterfall. Apart from the bridge, Falls Park also has arenas and gardens for concerts and other recreational activities.

The Greenville Commons

The Greenville Commons was the first significant public/private partnership, which included an office complex, a parking garage, a convention center and Hyatt Regency Hotel. Thanks to the city and a group of dedicated businessmen who risked their investments, Greenville today has a refreshed convention center and parking garage. The hotel atrium is now a city park.

The West End Market

The West End Market is another central establishment in downtown Greenville. The Market is home to theaters, the Governor's School for Arts, and restaurants. The Arts School is quite influential, and it attracts high school students across the state. 

West End Baseball Stadium

Known as the Greenville Drive, Greenville’s baseball team acquired the West End baseball stadium from the city. This is because the team’s owners wanted to relocate to Greenville. It is now a neo-traditional designed stadium, constructed from salvaged textile mills and old bricks. Some newly constructed buildings are located near the stadium, including residential condos, restaurants, retail shops, and offices.

The River Place

Along the Reedy River is the latest example of public/private partnership in Greenville. The place features a collection of office buildings, restaurants, residential condos, and a water feature. Acquiring and establishing the Reedy River place was a complicated public/private process. The partnership required different layers of ownership elevations and a union between the private and public interests.

Peace Center for Performing Arts

Greenville’s Peace Center for Performing Arts has upheld some of downtown Greenville’s less desirable parts. It has also linked the town with the waterfall, the Falls Park, and the river. The place now hosts crucial renovated facilities and historic structures into dynamic spaces. This has given people more reasons to come downtown during the weekends or at night. The Peace Center is an exemplary example of the beauty that lies in downtown Greenville.

Greenville is setting the standards as a city of importance in South Carolina. This is all thanks to its new innovative look and the various stakeholders who made this possible.

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