Finding a new home is no easy task. From the number of bedrooms to location, there is so much to consider before a potential buyer can begin to look at available properties. However, in 2018, there are six home features that almost every buyer is looking for:


1. Lots of Storage

Due to financial constraints and availability, many home buyers are looking for cheaper, smaller properties to make their own. In these properties, having plenty of storage space becomes more and more of a necessity. Whether it's extra cabinets in the kitchens and bathrooms or closets in the bedrooms, prospective buyers want storage space to help keep their homes tidy and organized. Custom cabinets in living areas are a wonderful and unique feature for potential homeowners to consider.


2. Open Floor Plan

Open floors plans are great for entertaining and keeping your family connected during the day’s activities. By combining the living room, kitchen, and often the dining area, open plan homes can feel larger and more welcoming than the walled off alternatives. Many potential homeowners are on the hunt for homes that feature the open floor plan to make the most of the space they have.


3. Plenty of Natural Lighting

Large windows can also help a small space feel larger. Potential homeowners love the prospect of a home bathed in natural light, and such having large windows, specifically in the living spaces and master bedroom, can be a great feature of a home. Natural lighting can also help reduce electricity costs when windows are fitted with energy saving glass, as natural lighting allows homeowners to turn their lights off during the day.


4. Hardwood Floors

Even though hardwood floors have been a trend for many years, they are still a big draw for potential homeowners. They’re beautiful, easy to clean and look great when used with an open floor plan, but most importantly; well cared for hardwood floors can last a lifetime. Buyers always make note of hardwood floor (especially when new), as it will likely not need to be replaced for a long time, if ever.


5. Great Tech Compatibility

From opening your garage door to turning on and off the lights, there is an app for almost every part of the home these days. However, these features won’t do an owner much good if a property doesn’t have great wi-fi connection and reception. Today, homebuyers, especially younger, first time buyers, are looking for a home with fast wi-fi speed and good cellular reception, and may completely discount a property without it.


6. Updated Kitchens and Bathrooms

Updated kitchens and bathrooms are also highly sought after by potential buyers, with the exception of those who are specifically looking for “fixer upper” properties. Much like hardwood floors, buyers who want to be able to move in right away aren’t looking to have to invest in updating their kitchen and bathrooms themselves, especially after making a major investment in the property. Though tastes vary, most potential buyers look for either a warm, welcoming, traditional style or a more modern and clean contemporary style. The common desire, however, is up-to-date and well-maintained appliances, and preferably the energy saving models.

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