Top Home Buying Tips for Millennials

Millennials are quickly coming to dominate the housing market, but many of them are buying homes for the first time. That can make it hard to navigate the buying process, especially when competing with older, more experienced buyers. Fortunately, there are a few ways to make the process much easier.


 Get Financial Guidance

 Finances can be complicated, and not just because homes tend to be expensive. There are a number of programs that exist to support people who are buying their first home, plenty of loan offers to choose from, and it's easy to overlook potential costs. Inexperienced buyers often make expensive mistakes, so it's wise to get help from a financial advisor to prevent them.

 A good advisor will make sure their client knows about every government or private program that can help to cut their expenses. They'll also look at the client's finances to make sure they understand how much they can afford to spend, and help them find the right loans. Their help isn't strictly necessary, but it is the best way to get off to good start when buying a home.


 Set Goals

 Buyers should try to start house hunting with a good idea of what sort of home they want to purchase. This should include a rough idea of the size and any amenities that they want to have. It's hard to find a home that has everything that a buyer could want, so it is also important to prioritize the list of features in order of importance.

 Once the list is finished, it can serve as a guide to help narrow down options and make the hunt go faster. It can also help to make sure that a new buyer doesn't get talked into paying for amenities that they don't really want or need.


 Look for Trouble

 There is no such thing as a flawless house, but there are plenty of houses whose flaws are difficult to find at a glance. Water damage, termite infestations, and a variety of other problems can stay hidden during a tour of the home only to cause problems after the sale is complete. Only a thorough search can catch these problems. Buyers should investigate every inch of the home as thoroughly as possible and note anything that looks out of place. When in doubt, they should take the time to research potential problems based on what they find, and try to get a home warranty if they decide to risk it.


 Study Negotiation

 The art of negotiating is complicated, but learning to do it properly can save quite a bit of money. The most important skill to develop is keeping a good poker face at all times. That prevents sellers from taking advantage of an excited buyer to make a deal without lowering their price. Buyers should also try to be aware of things that could harm their position, such as the anchoring bias that causes them to think of good or bad deals relative to the first offer that they hear. There are dozens of little things to learn, and learning even a few of them can make a big difference.

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