Every year sees new trends. Compared to past years, most of which featured industrial-inspired home renovation ideas, 2017 has brought in the best home improvement trends yet. Here are some of the popular home improvement trends in 2017.


The open floor plan

On account of the many benefits it offers, the open floor plan is one of the most popular home improvement trends in 2017. Homeowners have incorporated the open floor layout to help create a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Apart from connecting interior and exterior spaces, the removal of extra interior walls can open up any living space, making it appear much larger. In addition to giving homeowners a better view of their outdoor landscape, the elimination of visual barriers allows the windows to bring in more sunlight and makes entertaining guests a lot easier and more enjoyable. With an open layout, you can still see, hear, and socialize with your guests while cooking. You wouldn’t miss a beat since the flow between spaces makes it a lot easier for voices to carry from one area to another.


Smart home technology

The smart home trend has been growing for several years but it seems to have reached a pivotal point in 2017. According to the findings of a study conducted by Statista, 33 percent of homes have one or more connected devices today. Smart homes come with cool gadgets such as showerheads with pre-programmed spray sequences, hands-free faucets, and voice-activated bots. However, high-tech home security systems and sensing solutions that can detect leaks are among the most popular smart tech features. One of the most desired features is a wireless sensor that detects and alerts homeowners when there’s a water leak or any significant change in temperature and humidity. With live streaming video and audio capabilities, today’s homeowners can monitor their homes from anywhere.


Smaller but fancier homes

Since 2009, this is the first time we’ve seen smaller homes being built. According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the size went down to about 2,634 square feet on average. Recent data shows that homeowners are now more interested in buying smaller, more livable homes to help reduce their operating costs. In place of sprawling mansions, plenty of storage space and flexible floor plans are among the most desired features. A separate laundry room with matching washers and dryers is arguably the most desired home feature in terms of rooms.


Personalized finishes

Personalization defined home improvement trends in 2017. As a result, most manufacturers have had to design windows, doors, and other home features to the specifications of the purchaser. On the color front, we’ve seen white taking a backseat with the growth of more sophisticated hues. With homeowners looking for home improvement ideas that complement their unique senses of style, more and more have drawn inspiration from their personalities. For countertops, matte finishes have become more popular due to their warmth and elegance.


Energy-efficient appliances

With the ever-increasing cost of living, energy-efficient appliances became somewhat of a must-have. For instance, induction cooking has been high on the homeowners’ list of energy efficient appliances due to its precision heating and control. Previously, induction cooktops and ranges cost almost twice as much as their electric and gas counterparts. But with reduced prices, this had become one of the most sought-after cooking solutions in 2017.

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