Given the advancements in technology, you might find it interesting to know that many home buyers remain interested in features that have been popular for decades. While there are some tech-focused features, other trends are for the purpose of convenience. Let’s delve a bit deeper into home buying trends.

Energy-Efficient Appliances

Energy efficiency is a big deal when buying a home. It’s something that can save you money every single month. Buyers understand this fact and want a smart home that contains energy-efficient appliances. This includes Energy Star certified heating and cooling systems. An energy-efficient home will likely do well on the market. Although windows are not considered an appliance, buyers are often interested in making sure they are also energy-efficient. 

Media Room

Entertainment is important to home buyers and having a media room is often a priority. It can serve as a space for family time, as well as a location to entertain friends on weekends. There’s also an expectation that the media room will be properly wired to accommodate modern technologies, including smartphones and other portable devices. 

Garage Storage 

Instead of renting a storage unit, many homebuyers prioritize garage storage during the home buying process. This means the garage must have plenty of space for vehicles and storage. Having a sizeable garage has been a trend that has persisted for decades. What’s different now is the amount of space that’s often desired. 

Patio for Entertainment

Having a patio is important to many homebuyers, especially those that do a lot of entertaining. In fact, a large patio is considered a requirement for some buyers. It’s because space can serve many purposes. The patio trend is why there has been an increase in home renovations for outdoor spaces. 

Laundry Room

Fewer homeowners are willing to forgo a laundry room for some other convenience. In fact, an increasing number of homeowners make a laundry room a priority when buying a home. Instead of just having a space for a washer and dryer, home buyers want a separate room for laundry. It’s considered a tremendous benefit that’s worthy of a higher sales price. If there is an opportunity to turn a space into a laundry room, such as the basement, many home buyers would find that acceptable. 

Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are similar to the trend of energy-efficient appliances in that having them throughout a home can contribute to lower energy bills, especially during the summer months. This trend is most prevalent in locations that tend to experience higher temperatures. It’s also a trend because comfort remains a priority of home buyers. While there was a time when not having amenities like a ceiling fan wasn't a deal-breaker, that’s no longer the case.

These are just some of the trends that home buyers desire and have come to expect when looking for a property. As previously mentioned, some of these trends are here to stay.



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