Not Everything Increases The Value Of Your Home- Here Is What Does

There are plenty of things that increase the value of a home. A little repair here or a layer of paint there can add to the value of your real estate. However, not everything that one does makes a difference on that sale price. It is a common belief that doing just about anything will improve your chances of getting a higher price. That is just not factually accurate. You will want to avoid doing some of the repairs that don't add value. It would be a waste of money and time.


Converting a Garage


There is a strong pull from some to convert an attached garage into a family room or an office. This may be what you consider to be the best use of the space, but those who are looking to buy the home may want to have the garage for their own purposes. Making an assumption that they would not appreciate the garage is a big mistake.


It is costly to convert an attached garage and it likely does not add to the sale price of your home. Even worse, it is possible that you could actually end up losing value on the home by doing this.


Save the Open Floor Plans For The Office


It is in vogue to have an open floor plan for an office. The professionals say that having an open floor plan for the office helps keep employees more productive and focused on the task at hand. They also suggests that it improves collaboration. That may all be true, but all of those virtues should be saved for the office.


What happens when a person tries an open floor plan with the home they own is that they end up eliminating rooms from the home. Taking a three-bedroom home down to a two-bedroom home for example can be a massive decrease to the value of the property.


Making a Room With A Single Function


It may sound amazing to live in a home that has something like a home theater or a specialty office in it, but it may also harm your chances of making the sale. Once again, the problem here is that buyers are all looking for different things. They may like the concept of having a home theater in the house, but then again they may not be interested in movies at all.


A room with a single function costs a lot to change back into a multi-function room. A person who is coming through the home looking to possibly buy it will likely keep this in mind. They may pass over the opportunity to purchase it in order to go for a property that has just multi-function rooms.


Swimming Pools


It is almost to the point of being common knowledge that swimming pools add to the value of a home. The unfortunate part is that it is not true. Swimming pools are fun to get in during the hot summer months, but they are incredibly expense to maintain. Those pools are not useful during any season but the summer. As such, it is a downside to have a pool on a lot of properties.


Many buyers are interested in having the extra space in their backyard that would otherwise be used up by a swimming pool. If you are thinking about adding one for your own enjoyment, then that is perfectly fine. However, if you are wanting to add one to increase the value of your property, your money and time is best spent elsewhere.

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