What Is the Best Month to Sell a Home in Greenville, SC?

The real estate market seems to always be in a constant state of flux and fury. Sensitive details you wouldn't expect to make that much difference become of great importance when selling a home, no matter where you are. These details are various with different levels of complexity, but one easy one to consider is the month you decide to start the process of selling a home.

Look for Late Spring/Early Summer

In Greenville, South Carolina, the month you choose to put your home on the market can be one of the most important decisions you make. The busiest times of year for home selling are almost always going to be the end of spring and into the summer. The weather starts to transition from spring during this time, the rainy months are ending, and all anyone wants to do is get outside and start doing things.

Keep an Eye on the School Year

Spring is the season when everyone is looking to buy and everyone is looking to sell. If you're looking to sell a home quickly, the very beginning of summer is a great time. The kids are just getting out of school for the summer, and so their transition to what will be their new home is made easier by their parents considering this very specific time.

Buyers are very eager to sell before the summer is out. By the time school comes around for the new term and the kids are getting back to class, all the hassle of moving and settling in should mostly be taken care of. The competition will still be in great numbers, and the pressure to either buy or sell will be accelerated.

Keep Winter Months an Option

Many realtors will be quick to tell you that the winter months are the absolute worst time to sell a home. However, living in the South has its charms. Home sellers living in places where the winter months hit particularly hard avoid these months like the plague. But if you're selling a home in Greenville, South Carolina, these months make a great time to check out the seller's market. 

The winter weather in South Carolina being milder than in most places definitely gives home sellers an advantage with extra months added to their window of selling opportunity. Whether you choose this time or the late spring and early summer to put a home on the market to sell, you should be rewarded with offers from many buyers looking to do business with you.

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