What Landscaping Maximizes Your Home’s Value?

If you are thinking of moving soon, then your home’s curb appeal can help it sell faster and for more money. Even if you are going to be staying in your home, then it is fun to live in a home with maximum curb appeal. Use these landscaping ideas to maximize your home’s value. 

Create Privacy

Hopefully, you live next to great neighbors, but you still do not want to feel like you are constantly on display when you step into your yard. Therefore, you need a privacy barrier. While a privacy fence can do the job, maximize your home’s curb appeal by creating a living privacy screen using trees or hedges. If space is tight, consider raised planting boxes. 

Employ Mulch

You may have put down some mulch in your flowerbeds and around your trees a long time ago, but you need to get it replaced. When you use mulch in flowerbeds, your flowers will look prettier, fuller, and more colorful. When you use it around your trees, they will be healthier. 

Eliminate 90-Degree Corners

Unless you are prepared to redo them every week, flower gardens and other landscaping features with right angles are hard to maintain. Instead, round off sharp edges for a more natural appearance that will instantly improve your home’s curb appeal. You can leave the curved edge natural or place a row of bricks or rocks next to it to create an edge. 

Keep Your Grass Green

You should work on having the greenest grass in the neighborhood throughout the year, except maybe during winter. One of the keys to this is never to mow your grass shorter than 3 inches. If you need to water, then a deep watering early in the day is much better than a short, fast one. Ensure that the soil under your grass is balanced, and apply fertilizer as needed. 

Use Sustainable Native Plants

Especially if you are short on time to work in your yard, then use sustainable native plants. Using plants that grow naturally in your area helps to keep pest problems away. Most of these plants also use less water. Try choosing a specimen plant to create visual interest and then adding additional plants that will complement it. You may even want to spotlight the top plants in your garden so that you can easily enjoy them at night. 

Add Color

When choosing the color of your flowers, consider the color of your house. Try sticking with colors in the same family or complementary on the color wheel to create a uniform appearance. Choose flowers, trees, and plants that will bloom throughout the year. 

Keeping these tips in mind will help maximize your home’s curb appeal. You will be proud to call your landscaping home when you use these tips. When it comes time to move on, you will also probably sell your home faster for more money.


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