Why People Are Buying Bigger Homes

It's not surprising that people are buying bigger homes. Many of the decisions to go larger have to do with work and lifestyle changes brought on by the pandemic.

Social Distancing

With social distancing protocols in place, it's not surprising that everyone wants a little more space than usual. It's essential to have a comfortable space where everyone can work and live when working remotely. The pandemic forced many workers into home offices, and they felt cramped because of the sudden change.

When living with family members or roommates, it may be necessary to purchase a larger house for privacy, even if you don't need the extra room. Having people on top of you when you're attempting to work causes a feeling of unprofessionalism. After a while, it may also cause issues with butting heads with others, which will also hamper your ability to perform at your job.

Working From Home

More people are working from home, and it's causing them to purchase larger houses. Since working from home is becoming more acceptable, people are investing in larger homes that will serve as both an office and living space.

People who do not have to worry about the commute can get away with buying just one house instead of two—their primary residence and then a secondary property for work purposes.

Need for Privacy

People want a break from prying eyes. That's another reason to buy a large house with multiple rooms, one of which can become your new office or home-based workspace. 

Another reason why privacy is needed is that more families are choosing to live in multigenerational homes. Added spaces such as in-law suites, finished basements, attics, and outbuildings provide homebuyers with private rooms or areas for everyone living there.

It is crucial to have an organized and comfortable space where you both work and live close to others. Accomplishing this goal may require purchasing a larger house than you live in now.

Remote Learning

Remote learning is another factor driving trends for larger home demand. This trend is primarily people working from home and taking classes remotely or even getting their degrees online as an alternative to traditional in-person college campus settings. As more students learn online or in virtual environments, they aren't moving away from home in the same way college students did even 15 years ago. 

Regardless of the reasons behind the changing demands, larger homes are hot in the market today, which is excellent news for sellers everywhere.


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