4 Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like New

Your home likely felt new and fresh during the first few weeks after you bought it. The daily activities in your home can result in stains, scuff marks and a buildup of clutter. Over time, the walls, floors and furniture may start to look dull, worn or dated. When you are ready to make your home look new again, try these four simple tips. Each of these activities is easy to do and is affordable on any budget.


Removing Clutter

After you have lived in your home for a while, items start to accumulate. It might even seem like things are multiplying in the back of your closets. What felt like a lot of space when you moved in might now feel cramped and stuffed. Removing some clutter from your home could help it make it feel as spacious as it did when you first moved into it. There are many methods of removing clutter, such as the Kon-Mari method. A simple way is to gather three boxes and label one as "trash," one as "donate," and one as "recycle." Go from room to room, picking up the obvious trash and recycling. If you have not worn or used an item in a year or more, it may be a good candidate for donation. Items that no longer fit or need repairs but have been waiting for a while are also clutter and should be removed from your home.


Rearranging the Furniture

Rearranging the furniture is a simple way to make a room look new. Instead of placing your sofa along a wall, consider angling it or putting it closer to the center of the room. Create zones in your family room, such as a reading zone or a computer and work zone. If your bedroom could use an easy chair or your living room is in need of a bookshelf, consider swapping pieces from one room into another. While you are moving furniture around, take a few minutes to remove dust, polish the wood or vacuum upholstered pieces. Your space will be cleaner and fresher after you finish moving the furniture.


Making Minor Repairs

Scuff marks on the walls and little scratches on the floor make your house look worn and unkempt. Consider spending a weekend day making minor repairs that will help your home feel like it is new. Scuff marks can be removed with a "magic eraser" cleaning sponge. Scratches on hardwood can be buffed out. You might want to polish or even seal the hardwood if it has been a few years since this was last performed. Clean dust off of the light fixtures. Remove stains from counters, cabinetry and tile floors. If there are repairs that are beyond your skills set, consider hiring a handyman for an afternoon. A handyman service can handle fixing squeaky doors, installing new curtain rods and tightening loose towel bars.


Updating Wall Colors and Accessories

Many homes are painted in neutral colors to facilitate the sales process. If your home's walls are still a boring off-white color, make a trip to the paint store. Painting one wall creates a vibrant focal point, while painting all of the walls conveys an entirely new look. While you are redecorating, consider updating the color or fabric type of your curtains, window blinds or shades. Stop by a home goods store and pick up a few trendy accessories, such as a new lamp or some throw pillows that will brighten up your living spaces.

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