Trends go in and out of style, and the past few years have seen a more rapid succession of home decor and staging fads than usual. Granite becomes essential; then granite is traded in favor of quartz. Cobblestone accents are a must and then they're despised too. Luckily, homes in Greenville—whether old or new—tend to be pretty timeless in design, showcasing a classic stateliness that never goes out of style. Still, some of us with established homes are guilty of holding on to a few things that, though minor, can make our entire homes feel dated. Not sure what they might be? Here's a list of 6 home features that might be causing your home to look outmoded.

Powder Pink Walls

When you hear others say to paint your home in neutral colors, you're imagining homeowners with neon and bright jewel-toned walls hurriedly lacquering their walls a more sensible hue. But you, with your pale pink or dusty rose walls — you're safe, right? Wrong. Pastels scream of the 1990s and make any other contemporary or classic elements of your home virtually unnoticeable.



Tinted Bathtub

On that note, there's nothing that says your home hasn't been updated in years or even decades than a tinted bathtub. Pastel pink, the notorious avocado, and even that buttery yellow are commonly inherited. While some may want to preserve this retro look, it's less "classic" and more "temporary throwback trend". Fear not, though — you don't need to completely renovate your bathroom. Simply refinishing these fixtures and replacing any non-functional or weathered hardware is enough to enhance their elegance tenfold.

Lettered Signs

You know those Pinterest-y letter signs placed carefully above fireplace mantelpieces or tucked near kitchen cabinets? They might say "home" or "love"; "coffee" or "goodnight". Yeah, those are dated now. Stating the obvious in pretty letters was a cute idea, but it never had any sustainability in the design world.


Bed Skirts

A good rule of thumb to follow when making your home fresh and up-to-date is avoiding things that gather dust. Modernity — even with a classic base — is all about clean, seamless living: nothing too heavy or dense, dusty or musty. On a similar note, avoid dense drapery, silk flowers, and thick upholstery.


Matching Bathrooms

Unless they're white, matching bathroom sets are a thing of the past, at least for now. So pack away those toilet covers, mats, soap dish sets, and curtains all clad in the exact same pattern and opt for something more simple and streamlined. Of course, a cohesive palette is ideal, but verbatim design from object-to-object is a little heavy-handed.


Faux Finishes

It's pretty clear that those oil-rubbed bronze handles are not truly tarnished; that the rustic faux-finish cabinets with their ornate detailing and gritty disposition were not pulled from the walls of a French countryside manor. Touches like these were meant to add character to newer homes, a historic pastoral romanticism to a suburban property that was decidedly none of those things. But homeowners are finally moving away from these usually clearly contrived appointments and moving toward sleeker and more state-of-the-art trimmings.

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