Multifamily Units Ease Pressure on Greenville's Housing Market

Greenville is one of the fastest-growing communities in South Carolina. With a population that has increased by more than 60% since 2010, it's no wonder why developers and investors are looking for ways to provide housing options to meet the demand. Increasing the number of rental units helps maintain enough housing in Greenville for those who cannot afford to buy a home. Here is how multifamily units ease pressure on Greenville's housing market.

1. Lowers the Price of Housing

Renting an apartment is more affordable than purchasing a house. Greenville has one of the highest rental rates in South Carolina, according to RentRange. Although prices have been declining from their peak of…

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How to Buy or Sell a House in Greenville, SC

The Greenville area in South Carolina boasts an affordable housing market and is ideal for investing in real estate. Greenville is also home to big manufacturing companies, increasing the region's value. The area consists of 23 neighborhoods with unique residents, meaning you will find that Greenville has something to offer everyone. 

Before you purchase the home of your dreams or think about selling your own house, there are several things to consider. Below is a guide to how to go about your business in Greenville, South Carolina.

Buying a House

The economic growth of Greenville has increased prices in the area. The number of buyers looking into venturing into Greenville is more than individuals…

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4 Community Projects That Have Benefitted Real Estate in Greenville, SC

The real estate market in Greenville, SC, has been thriving. With a population of around 67,000 people, the city continues to grow and attract citizens worldwide. This is because many community projects have benefited real estate investors in this area. Here are just four examples.

1. Improved Accessibility

The county approved an updated development plan for downtown Greenville that included adding sidewalks and bike lanes to promote biking transportation within the city limits. This has made downtown Greenville very friendly for pedestrians and attractive to young professionals, an important demographic for real estate investors.

2. Increased Restaurant and Retail…

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What Are 3 Important Things Home Sellers Need in an Agent?

If you're a house seller in the market for an agent, you may be wondering what qualities you need to look for in an agent. In this post, we'll go over three things that experts say sellers need in an agent: experience with the neighborhood, fast response time, and skills in a seller's market.

Some agents specialize in certain areas of the real estate industry, such as new construction or military homes. Other agents focus on specific price ranges or home types like waterfront properties. It's crucial to find an agent who has the skills needed for your type of property and location.

Experience With the Neighborhood

Knowing the neighborhood and how to market your home in it is a skill…

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About the Different Types of Mortgages

As a potential homeowner, it's just as important to study mortgage options to research the areas in which you want to reside. Applying for a house loan may be complex, and determining the kind of mortgage that best fits your requirements early on can assist you in determining the type of property you can afford. The following are the types of mortgages available.

Mortgages Conventional

A conventional loan follows a set of criteria and is funded by private lenders. In terms of loan types, conventional mortgages are by far the most common. This kind of loan is more common because they don't have the same rigorous criteria regarding income, property type, and location as other loans.

Loans From the Veterans…

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What to Know About Home Staging and Its Benefits

If you’re planning on selling your home, you’re likely to hear your realtor suggest home staging. This is meant to increase the chances of selling your home in the real estate market. Here is what you need to know about home staging. 

What is home staging?

Home staging is basically the practice of furnishing or styling any given property in a manner that improves its appeal to potential buyers. You’re simply making your home appear its best by hiring a professional to reinvent the living space and incorporate the ideal combination of furniture and décor. 

If you’re wondering if this practice makes any difference, the answer is yes. Home staging can transform even the most boring home into a…

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The Role and Benefits of Homeowners Associations

Homeowners associations are corporations that manage residential developments, condos, or townhouses. Once you buy a building or a property governed by Homeowners Associations, you automatically attain an HOA membership. This means you have to abide by HOA rules and regulations. Additionally, there is a must-pay fee once you become a member.

Generally, homeowners associations are run by directors usually elected by homeowners. The primary role of the managing board is to protect property value, oversee its common assets, and create a good living atmosphere. 

The HOA board of directors usually includes a president, treasurer, and secretary, where the president is the overall leader. The HOA…

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Understanding the Home Loan Pre Approval Process

To understand the home loan pre approval process, you first have to understand some basics about buying a house.

Prequalifying for a Home Loan

When you begin your search for a house, most of your time is spent just finding properties that fit within the guidelines of what you can afford and what meets your needs. But, unfortunately, you won't find out if you qualify until an offer is accepted on the property and it's time to close.

Lenders will look at your credit reports and earnings to determine if you're qualified and what interest rate and payment you qualify for. This is called the preapproval process, where they give you a letter that says how much house you can afford and an estimate on…

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Make Your Home Ready for Sale by Following These Tips

Are you thinking about selling your home? If so, there are many steps you can take to prepare. No matter the size of your house, these simple tasks may help generate interest in it and could potentially result in a higher selling price.

Repair All Defects

Fixing all defects means making repairs to anything that is broken or doesn't work as it should. When you make these kinds of repairs, buyers will be more likely to see your home as worth the money they'll have to pay for it. So, regardless of how much time or money it takes for a repair, do it because it can be the single thing that seals the deal attracting potential buyers. 

Furthermore, a professional home inspection will uncover these…

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When to Hire a Qualified Home Inspection Specialist

Selling or buying a home can be a daunting process whether you want to buy your first home or would like to sell your current home and get an upgrade. However, this process can be made more straightforward through a home inspection. Suppose you are in a situation in which you are finally ready to buy a new house or sell your home; it would be best to hire a qualified home inspection specialist.

What Home Inspectors Do

It is essential to work with a qualified home inspector since the state has licensed them to evaluate the condition of the property and to issue the buyer a report. Typically, home inspectors have construction-industry experience, so they inspect the home visually, and they also…

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