It's that time of year again when everyone you know is getting ready to go on vacation. Maybe you've already returned and are experiencing a wave of the post-vacation blues. Perhaps you've taken your fair share of holidays this year and are stuck in town for the summer. Maybe you're so booked up with commitments that you simply don't have the time for a luxe getaway. But that doesn't mean you have to feel confined to an uneventful summer in the city. Sometimes we can forget to be tourists in our own city; we assume that just because we haven't booked a plane ticket we can't experience all the perks of the vacation lifestyle. But that doesn't have to be true! Greenville is an ideally sized and temperate haven and all you need to do to make the most of it is step outside. So turn off 'Cruel Summer', stop pouting, and start planning your vacation in Greenville! Here are 10 awesome ways to boost your itinerary.

Pamper Yourself

Simply treating yourself to a spa day can do wonders for your relaxation levels. If you're up for a little luxury, book yourself in at one of Greenville's amazing selection of spas. If you'd prefer to stay within the bounds of your own home, give yourself the spa treatment by setting up your own at-home spa with relaxing nature music, tea or champagne, and an unwinding bath.


Have Dinner, But Don't Make It

A luxurious dinner on the town is special, but since this is your staycation and not just another weekend evening, skip the crowds and the noise and have dinner prepared for you in your own home. Greenville has no shortage of first-class catering services, many of which offer at-home service. So, without leaving the privacy and serenity of your house, let our local cuisine experts craft a holiday-quality meal without you having to lift a finger.

Discover Live Music

Live music is a staple of the classic vacation, and the right ambiance can whisk you away to far-away locations. Soak up Greenville's world class music scene and allow yourself an auditory experience that beats any 5-star beachside resort. Plus, you'll familiarize yourself with Greenville's local arts and culture scene, leaving you feeling more a part of the city than before.

Catch Up On Reading

When we're in a whirlwind of work or simply pushing through the daily grind, it's hard to remember to keep reading for interest or pleasure. Sure, you read reports; perhaps you take a few minutes each evening to catch up on the latest headlines or to take a quiz in which you find out what kind of pasta you are. But during your staycation, try to squeeze in some reading on a topic you want to learn more about; embark on a literary adventure or indulge in a guilty pleasure bestseller. Always wanted to be an amateur geologist? Brush up on your knowledge for a few minutes each evening. Feel like a Christmas classic? It doesn't matter that it's July — delve into the book of your choice. Most importantly, don't feel as though you're wasting your time; reading for yourself is just as important as any other type of reading (if not more)!


Really want to relax? Go offline. Doing so can be daunting, but it's the best way to truly disconnect from everyday stresses and "get away from it all". Stop checking your work email after hours for a few days. Avoid watching the news — or any television. Put a pause on checking the headlines or browsing social media. You'll be surprised how refreshed and stress-free you'll feel. If you absolutely can't stay away, make sure you at least avoid electronics during the 3 to 4 hours before you go to sleep. Using digital devices before bedtime can really put a strain on your sleep.

Check Out Local Attractions

We're all guilty of neglecting to see the touristy side of our own cities. So get out and explore all Greenville has to offer! Learn about our rich local history, our abundant recreational opportunities, and our amazing artistic offerings. Discover burgeoning local scenes, innovative startups, and trendsetting businesses. Why go elsewhere when there's so much to see here first? Best of all, you'll uncover amazing venues and amenities that you'll want to frequent time and time again — and since you live here, you can!

Hire A "Chauffeur"

It sounds silly, but traffic is an insidious stress source. Your brow is furrowed, your hands are clenched around the wheel, and suddenly that nice old lady who you'd certainly say 'hi' to as a pedestrian becomes your nemesis. Rid yourself of the extra tension and let a taxi deliver you to your destination at least a few times during your staycation. Roll down the windows, close your eyes, and watch the beautiful city roll by outside without the pressure brought on by rogue drivers and the need for your full attention.

Enjoy Breakfast, The Right Way

When we get caught up in our regular schedules, many of us forget the importance of a sit-down breakfast with nutritional and delicious options. Giving yourself time to ease into the morning is a key part of any staycation, especially if you're still expected to go into work. Change up your routine by treating yourself to freshly squeezed orange juice, fluffy croissants, and a leisurely morning. It'll be a nice change from running out the door in a frenzy of paper coffee cups and napkin-wrapped bran muffins.

Take Photos

One of the reasons we look back so fondly on our past vacations is our beautiful records of them. Photos jog your memory and make you smile, so don't forget to document your staycation. Your shots of you and your family don't only have to be set on sun-kissed beaches and twinkling cobblestone-lined cities. They can be just as heartwarming with your own home city as their backdrop.

Make Time For Friends & Family

We get caught up in our hectic schedules, and then as soon as we have a moment to spare, we jet off to exotic locales. Take this opportunity to catch up with your local friends and family and make some amazing memories in Greenville. Canceling that brunch may seem like no big deal during your average week — after all, your friends all live here right? You can see them any time. But somehow, months can pass us by in a haze of commutes, microwave dinners, and early mornings. Now's your time to catch up with your nearest and dearest! And, as we all know, being with loved ones beats out any first-class ticket to an island far away.

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